Second Epoch

Period1000 - 1499

The Second Epoch spans the period 1000 to 1499. One of the most significant events of this period was the Great Exodus.

Year 1000 - War Troll

The first war troll is created by Rilthang and a convey of hags. The Moredhel War, the third in the series of wars making up the Domination Wars, begins.

Year 1001 - Thasmudyan Ascends

The darkest cycle of Deaths Kindle's bathes Bal-Kriav in its baleful glow. This produces an event called the Zenith of Darkness. On the 13th day of Witchrite, the mortal Thasmudyan is Ascended by the The Balance.

The settlement Thrakopolis is founded by the Burterinii.

Year 1002 - Akann'ndâb In Ruins

Spies of the Eldritch Conclave learn of an alliance between several priestly sects of the First Khazarkar Empire. The Church of Set and the Church of Kebechet are determined to embark on a religious crusade to overthrow the tyranny of the magocracy government, and replace it with a theocracy. To preempt this union, the Eldritch Conclave sends an army of golems and elementals into Akann'ndâb. They lay waste to Miruk-Nalbêth, and to make an example to any other rebellious factions in the empire, they slaughter all the inhabitants of the city and burn the land for twenty miles in every direction. Grave dirt golems are deployed in the ruins to deter anyone from coming back and inhabiting the place.

The settlement Salandirik is founded by Dromite pirates.

Year 1003 - Rib'git Capital

Har'kish establishes their capital at Rib'git.

The settlement Mezzorn is founded by the Borillisk Empire.

Year 1004 - Lúinwë

The settlement Lúinwë is founded by twelve exiled Angrod families.

The settlement Orthrump is founded by the cloud giants of Bullvar Ika.

Year 1005 - Rise of Tári Súrion

In the Aerie of Dragons, kriavian elves form the theocracy of Tári Súrion.

A Toomrur horde pours out of the Ogre Steps laying seige to the Eastern Shar.

The First Kizan War ends.

The quasi-government company Mezzorn Shipwrights is formed at Mezzorn.

Year 1006 - Thasmudyan's First Sect

Black Cluster is founded by followers of Thasmudyan.

The Moredhel War ends.

Year 1007 - Contract Fulfilled

Ermikel the Balance is retired by the Realm Stalkers.

Year 1008 - Sorfandien War

The Sorfandien War begins.

Year 1009 - Yastorogg

The settlement Yastorogg is founded by Irdtrax.

Year 1015 - Vraga Moltus

The settlement Vraga Moltus is founded by refugees of the Niratar Theocracy.

The magical storms and chaos of the Gulimbor Cataclysm drives the Melephaeusans from the Gulimbor Region.

Year 1016 - Rise of Kal-Oni

The last of Cal-Thaoun's people leave Sourm-Gar for the long voyage to Hells Womb. On the shores of this region, they join the rest of Cal-Thaoun's refugees at Zayr. On 3 Bliss, this city becomes the capital of the Kal-Oni Empire.

The Khazarkar navy suffers a crippling defeat at the Battle of Satheon. This brings ends the Sorfandien War, the last chapter of the Domination Wars (995 - 1016).

Year 1017 - Rise of the Farinteen Empire

Refugees of the First Khazarkar Empire began arriving on the eastern coasts of Cinazan. Their first settlement on Brucrumus is the coastal town Bandunazân.

The Niratar Theocracy is voted out. In its place, the Farinteen Empire establishes a government with business friendly laws and religious equality beyond the triumpherate that had ruled over the people for the last five centuries.

The Eldritch Civil War erupts in the First Khazarkar Empire between the magocracy government and the Khirrêth Pact.

Ivory Asylum captures Salandirik and establishes their first outpost on Ma'Ohari.

Year 1018 - Dark Lore of Molakh-Búle

Caliguworm explores the Spire of Molakh-Búle.

The nineteen year militocracy of the Burterinii ends. The Thraks are unseated and replaced by the Luru-Zir family.

The first Deep Bred is created by the Hydrocur.

Year 1019 - Burterinii Migration

Burterinii refugees from Gulimbor re-establish their nation along the northeastern shores of the Ma'Ohari.

The Ghar-Lakh War begins between the Kal-Oni Empire and Ghar-Lakh's Graagvrii.

The Mezzorn Shipwrights becomes a private company.

Caliguworm becomes a lich.

Year 1020 - Emerald Fire

A fiery green ball, the Ink Sphere, lands in the vale of Bathmulg.

Ivory Asylum establishes a colony on the western coats of the Ma'Ohari. A colonial administrative capital is established at Ivory Ward.

The Yanizabâr family becomes part of the Minâth-Nôrî.

Year 1022 - Clouds of the Dead God

In the month of Bliss, a colossal formation of rocks, appearing like a petrified god floated lazily over the landscape. People in the Lands of Purity and Hells Womb gaze in awe at this marvel called the Clouds of the Dead God.

Peace is forged between the Kal-Oneans and the Graagvrii of Ghar-Lakh. The treaty was signed on a good omen - the passing of the Clouds of the Dead God.

Year 1023 - Horn Tusk Conflict

The Ba'lith Empire and Ivory Asylum go to war in the Horn Tusk Conflict.

Year 1024 - Gudgrid

Tragarans exploring the interior of the Lands of Purity come upon stone giants adding the finishing touches to the gargantuan Gudgrid dam.

The settlement Nibar-Pharân is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1025 - Troom

Fort Troom is built by the Kal-Oni.

Year 1026 - Lab Journals of Neld-Rac

Explorers hired by Bralda-Balc break into the labs of the Spire of Neld-Rac. They recover a vast trove of lab journals written by Neld-Rac. These books become known as the Lab Journals of Neld-Rac. Not long after, the preaching of Neld-Rac spreads into the outlying settlements of Kal-Oni.

Year 1027 - Rise of the Second Khazarkar Empire

The Ediritch Civil War ends and the Second Khazarkar Empire is founded. A theocracy government called the Pharzîmrâth is formed. The empire moves their capital from Bandunazân to Nibar-Pharân. The first Setarch of this new theocracy is Bazar Abattâdas.

Year 1029 - Fall of Melephaeusa

The lich Caliguworm completes his task of bringing down the Melephaeusan people.

The clandestine group of Bralda-Balc splinters off and forms the assassin guild Shadow Sect.

Year 1030 - Baphomet Ascends

Baphomet becomes a Cult Power.

Year 1031 - Dragon Lord

Lenassu Dras'ee takes the title Dragon Lord of Zomaar Yelvaad.

Starting the Kamoni War, an orc army of Tarkrath sacks the Kal-Oni bastion Troom.

Year 1032 - Smoldering Anvil War

Zomaar Yelvaad attacks Gulud-Turam, starting the Smoldering Anvil War.

Year 1033 - Avalkhirân Discovery

Cloud giant explorers find the lost ruin Avalkhirân.

Half of the Anatomical Lads leave Bralda-Balc, forming the Anatomical Academy.

Year 1035 - Orryn

Orryn is founded by Bolip-Stalacite settlers.

The Khazarkar Empire establishes a secret police force called the Akumîlû.

Year 1036 - Paradomea

The settlement Paradomea (c.f. Paradomea City) is founded by the Kal-Oni.

Tarkarath is captured by a Kal-Oni army.

Year 1039 - The Cult of the Worms

The lich Caliguworm establishes the undead worshiping Cult of Worms on Necrocrypt. Thasmudyan's faith creeps forth from this cult like a cancer.

The Smoldering Anvil War end with the fall of the ancient city-state of Gulud-Turam.

A tower, later known as Nuciregmas, is built in Paradomea.

Year 1041 - The Arduous March

After ten years of conflict between the Kal-Oneans and the Kamoni orcs, nearly 15,000 orcs begin a migration northward. This forced migration north into the interior of Brucrumus becomes known among orcs as the Arduous March. Along the way, they are joined by other orc tribes, destined to become the Orchish Empire.

Year 1043 - Two Relics

The relics Blizzard & Firestorm are created by a covet of witches. Such great magic was used in their making that it tore a hole in the Web of Magic, creating the rift Caina Nexus.

Year 1044 - Rise of Rethmorg

The dwarven kingdom of Rethmorg is established.

Holy knights and priests in the Lands of Purity establish the Lances of Merioss.

Work begins on the Basilica of Thasmudyan.

Year 1045 - Brain Inspectors

The Tamlêrran establish a secret police force called the Brain Inspectors.

Year 1047 - Gúluzgash

The settlement Gúluzgash is founded by the orcs under Blac'drugulois.

Year 1048 - Angrod Separation

About 3,000 Angrods leave their brethren and migrate to Miradelgûn where they establish their own nomadic state called Falin-Tandra.

The War of Nárfaltuin begins.

The settlement Uriall-Madiess is founded by Kal-Oni.

Orcs of the Grashakh Region, under Blac'drugulois, re-engineered using Githyon's methods, become known as the Githirmil.

Year 1050 - Paradomea XI Exploration

The expedition financing company Paradomea XI Exploration is established.

Year 1052 - Naggor's Rampage

Naggor Stormhand sacks the elven city of Celebriän. The area of his encampment becomes known as Naggor's Retreat.

Angrod colonists, the Falin-Tandra, settle in Miradelgûn.

Year 1055 - Spawn of the Hydrocur

Among the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, seafarers begin making contact with a race of humanoids calling themselves the Deep Bred.

Year 1056 - Eastern Shar

Tragaran monks find the ancient Eastern Shar monastery.

Year 1057 - Tîra-Phâth

The dragon sect of Bralda-Balc breaks from the guild and move their operations to Scartaris. This group takes the name Tîra-Phâth.

Year 1060 - Fall of Lorthrindal

In the War of Nárfaltuin, the Lorthrindal city Elalmoth falls to the army of the Ageless Emperor.

The Pharzîmrâth reinstates the Khazarkar Purity Edict.

Year 1064 - Naggor Takes Iglutt

The firbolg leader Naggor captures Iglutt and slays the red dragon Apocalypse. The Kingdom of Naggor is established.

Year 1065 - Athenas Daggers

Tîra-Phâth establishes its headquarters inside Athenas Daggers. From this place, storied in dragon lore, they began to exert their influence on the area around.

Year 1066 - Bazundabil

The Umahanbad build the great stronghold of Bazundabil.

Year 1068 - Bazundabil

The settlement of Baruzundam is founded by the Kingdom of Rethmorg.

Year 1071 - Tas-Regmap

The settlement Tas-Regmap is founded by Burterinii.

Year 1072 - Rise of Ningizzida

To counter the growing might of the Farinteen Empire, Sinarag's swamp dwellers form the Ningizzida Confederacy.

Year 1075 - Brucrumus Circumvented

The coastal landmass of Brucrumus is mapped by Captain Riptide, famed elderaunt explorer and freebooter. His journal, the Riptide Expedition, becomes widely read and an important resource for sea captains.

Year 1080 - Breaching of the Earth Shrine

Phlehorn lays siege to the Earth Shrine.

Year 1081 - Ardilthôr

Ardilthôr is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

Harworb is military annexed by the Fargimdal kingdom.

Year 1084 - Sanagar-Umlâs

Sanagar-Umlâs is established.

Year 1087 - Phanax

The settlement Phanax is founded by the Farinteen Empire.

Lokestant, daughter to Tempestant and Phalgas, is born.

Year 1090 - The False Emperor

On 12 Temporal, Caliguworm secretly murders Onkuri Kal-Oni. He takes his guise, grafting the flesh of the former Emperor to his body and masking his body, voice, and evil aura with dark magic. Caliguworm, now Emperor Onkuri Kal-Oni, takes his position as leader of the Kal-Oni Empire. Thereafter, his Cult of Worms begins its ascent to power, and with it the influence of his patron god Thasmudyan.

Balmoloch is captured by the Khazarkar Empire

Year 1092 - Basilica of Thasmudyan

On 13 Temporal, the Basilica of Thasmudyan is finished. Caliguworm becomes Thasmudyan's supreme religious authority on Bal-Kriav, adding Arch-Cabal to his growing list of titles.

Year 1095 - Othragmac

Othragmac is built by the army of Blac'drugulois.

Year 1096 - Rise of the Orchish Empire

The Arduous March ends. Blac'Drugulois establishes the Orchish Empire.

Year 1099 - Alluvium Deep

Work begins on Alluvium Deep.

Year 1100 - Cult Menace

In the lands of Hells Womb, instability and dark influences lead to a dramatic increase in the activities and membership in the Cult of Worms, Sanagar-Umlâs, Tîra-Phâth, Carnâtha, Shadow Sect, and the Anatomical Academy. What follows is a decline in morals, fear and distrust, numerous assassinations, insurrection, cult crusades, widespread banditry, and a proliferation of undead. The Kal-Oni empire begins to suffer from moral decay and lawlessness.

Bone Pounder becomes a Jara Khan.

Year 1101 - Birth of Torfillifus

Drog'paagol incubates and hatches one of Tiamats Clutch, the shadow dragon hatching is given the name Torfillifus.

Year 1102 - Exiled Twelve

Twelve Angrod families are exiled from for seditious activities. They are charged with interfering and trying to hamper the "natural" spread of Taurquion. These families migrate far east into the Tribe Steppes, settling at Lúinwë.

Year 1105 - Imprisonment of Caliguworm

Caliguworm, head of the Cult of Worms, ruling in the name and guise of the former Emperor Onkuri Kal-Oni, is caught by the League of Magicks and imprisoned in the Vault of Timelessness.

Seeking to temper the spread of cult influence, the Kal-Oni High Church issues a bull forbidding all activities involving necromancy.

Year 1106 - Hareldocáno

The settlement Hareldocáno is founded by the Kingdom of Ithengee.

Year 1108 - XI Institute

XI Institute is built.

Year 1110 - Targind-Nal

Targind-Nal is built.

Year 1111 - Rise of Naurghar

Storm giants of Bastleid establish the Naurghar empire.

Year 1114 - Theft of Web Lore

A Khazarkar wizard named Izrapthân steals lore on the Web of Magic and gives it to the XI Institute.

Year 1115 - Last Ride of the Bloodletters

Bone Pounder and his horde besiege the Khazarkar capital Nibar-Pharân.

Aredhel and her druidic followers complete construction of Nelrenael.

The Orchish Empire seizes territory in Morath starting the Morath War.

Bralda-Balc is disbanded when its remaining leaders, five master vampires, slaughter all their guild members at the Spire of Neld-Rac.

Year 1116 - Mazandabad

The Orchish Empire builds the Mazandabad Bridge.

Year 1117 - Maenglórfan

Ithengee finishes the marvel Maenglórfan. On windy days, the sounds of these towers can be heard as far as the western shores of the Core Sea.

Gothmak is built by the Toomrur of Khatúlg.

Year 1118 - Four Orbs of Hunger

On 19 Lunar 1118, a rare event happened when all of Bal-Kriav's moons were in full phase. Werewolves, powered by four full moons, overrun Umahanbad's remote outpost Bazundabil.

Year 1119 - Heresselin

The settlement Heresselin is founded by the Angrods.

Year 1120 - Kotharlarg

The settlement Kotharlarg is founded by the Orchish Empire as monument to their victory in the Morath War.

Year 1121 - First Gwaellurth War

The First Gwaellurth War begins.

The demon lord Graz'zt becomes a cult power.

Year 1123 - Lennassus Flight

Under the protection of Vith Alok's dragon minions, Lenassu gives up her title Dragon Lord, fleeing the Terrible Raft in the dead of night.

Year 1124 - Dranfulmus

The storm titan Dranfulmus begins organizing a Tungesti army in the valley of Iraktharbhun.

Year 1126 - Tungesti Capture Iglutt

Dranfulmus at the head of a Tungesti army storm the ancient triple walled city of Iglutt. They, along with a slave uprising, bring an end to the slave empire of Naggor Stormhand.

Hlothran, the premier school of gladiator combat, is established in Orra.

Using a process called abyssal infusion, Yack-Leban creates the Mughorzan race.

The Mezzorn Shipwrights moves the bulk of its operations to Zerot.

Year 1127 - Rise of Targad

The Tungesti of Iglutt form the Targad confederacy.

Taranorn builds the Pinnacle of Chaos.

Year 1128 - Rumaktharga Independence

The dwarves of Rumaktharga peacefully break from Fargimdal.

Year 1130 - Birth of the Maleraunts

Looking for new lands, elderaunts of the Irastâ tribe disappear in the ruin Thegildreon. Corrupted by abyssal energy they become a new race called the Maleraunts.

The War of Nárfaltuin ends, bringing an end to the Lorthrindal Monarchy.

Blight druids of the Fograth began operations against the halflings of Hangath. This leads to large scale crop failures and a period of famine called the Dead Harvest.

The Godhead Curse gives rise to the maiden voyage of the Armada of the Damned.

Year 1131 - Fall of Borillisk

The Borillisk Empire, the past century centered on Sahuld Isle, is shaken by disease and pestilence. In their last year, attempts to succor the people or escape are thwarted by the Sahuld Blockade.

The needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the unfortunate.

- Emperor Pilius Kal-Oni, "Old Wounds"

Drow city-states along the Great Tradeway unite under the Chari'they Alliance. The Tradeway Wars begins.

Year 1133 - Death of Emperor Pilius

Emperor Pilius is killed by his sister Lorkiee. People of the times called it murder, the history and the law were unknown to most. It hadn't happened in many centuries, it was a custom of the Tragrans back to when their homeland was Gulimbor. One law said siblings that are in position to take on high leadership, and both are of the same age, then any action is condoned between them. It is no surprise that this tradition began when their shamans seeking deeper magical mysteries, worked rather closely with psionic hags of Messu-Nora.

Empress Lorkiee becomes the leader of the Kal-Oni Empire.

The Twins of Opposition, two arch-magi sisters, are killed at the Pinnacle of Chaos.

Year 1135 - The Iron Pact

The Kal-Oni Empire forges the Iron Pact with Gimhak.

Oakenbeard and Springflower pool their druidic power, bringing an end to the blight of the Dead Harvest.

Year 1140 - The Gradorian Sovereign

In the Kal-Oni Empire, Empress Lorkiee takes a more lenient approach to cult activities.

The drow of the Underdark city Dhaunril'yraen ally with the Kal-Oni Empire, destroying the Eärendur city Yis-Lorill.

Emperor Blac'drugulois moves the capital of the Orchish Empire from Othragmac to Kotharlarg.

Year 1141 - Gharbúlúm

Emperor Blac'drugulois forms an elite personal guard called the Gharbúlúm.

Year 1143 - Rise of Garormuk

The Broken Teeth Meet leads to the formation of the Garormuk Federation.

Year 1144 - Bâlê

The settlement Bâlê is founded by Ba'lith.

Heroes of the Tradeway Wars, resistance fighters battling the Chari'they Alliance establish the assassin guild Sanguine Whispers.

Year 1145 - Pact Sister

The drow city-state Belephant-Elebros joins the Chari'they Alliance.

Year 1146 - Gháshulg

The settlement Gháshulg is founded by the Orchish Empire.

Year 1150 - Fall of Porminital

A Celebriän army razes the Kal-Oni city Porminital.

Year 1151 - Undercity

Undercity, an extension of Paradomea City above it, becomes a self-governing city-state.

Year 1154 - Dy'tzor Goulmor

Toomrur mages establish the arcane school Dy'tzor Goulmor.

Year 1155 - Girderhead Insitute of War

The Girderhead Insitute of War is established by the Girderheads.

The settlement Mirkathân is built by the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1156 - Febirmane

The settlement Febirmane is founded by a band of Drenvun humanoids.

Year 1160 - First Bughor War

The First Bughor War begins.

Year 1164 - The Forsaken Dwarves

The Kingdom of Rethmorg and the goblin tribes of Gelakgizal join forces against the hordes of Bughor. This uneasy alliance, the Gelakgizal Pact, was the final nail for the Church of Naraz-Nâru, ending the people of Rethmorg's divine channel to Naraz-Nâru.

Year 1165 - Shiz-Abscis

Shiz-Abscis is founded by Mulun-Dûna settlers.

Year 1166 - Broken Pact

The First Bughor War ends with victory for the Gelakgizal Pact. In the victory parade through the grand streets of Ilbaragûn, Rethmorg turns on their former allies. The forsaken dwarves victorious, seize the surviving goblins, sending them into slavery. Nearly 8,000 goblins disappear. This affair ends the Gelakgizal Pact, yet does not draw reprisals from the goblins of Gelakgizal, to those in charge, it was a culling that went according to plan.

Year 1170 - Fall of Belephant-Elebros

Victim of the Tradeway Wars, Belephant-Elebros is sacked by the Orchish Empire.

Year 1171 - Gwatherfin

Aredhel established the druid guild Gwatherfin.

Year 1172 - Rage of Sebgult

Sebgult emerges from his volcanic lair. This legendary red dragon flies across Morwuld Briin, then to the Shounejo city of Utoto, turning into a raging conflagration. Winds kicked up by the dragon's magic turn the blaze into a devastating fire storm. Sebgult sated itself by devouring the cindered remains of the livestock and city dwellers. Sebgult, rumored to the most fearsome and oldest dragon of Bal-Kriav, returned to its volcanic lair, to sleep for another 350 years.

Year 1176 - Skyships

The BSA flies the Giff League's first skyship.

Year 1177- Rise of Neeth-Theen

With Bor its capital, the empire Neeth-Theen is formed by the goliath warlord Tharag-Turgûn.

Year 1188 - Orchish Empire New Capital

The Orchish Empire moves their capital from Kotharlarg to Gháshulg.

Year 1190 - Theegan Migration

Theegans dwelling in the northern reaches of Tadab-Hal are driven south and east by the Rampager Horde. The Theegans cross the Hound Wash, territory claimed by the Garormuk. Conflict erupts between the two groups, starting the Witch-Pack War.

Year 1192 - End of the Rampager Horde

Jara Khan Rampager is defeated in single combat by Witch Commander Zenarân. The Rampager Horde breaks up and returns north to the Tribe Steppes.

Year 1194 - Rise of Uzurundabud

The drow empire Uzurundabud is established.

Year 1195 - The Risen King

The Drugnod family comes back into power. In the Garormuk Federation, Khro'gaz Drugnod takes charge of military operations on the Gnoll side of the Witch-Pack War.

Year 1198 - Nemegral

The settlement Nemegral is founded by the Ugrol trolls.

Year 1199 - Siege of Vhurindrar

Vhurindrar is besieged by forces opposing the Chari'they Alliance.

Year 1200 - Hole in the Weave

A rift in the Web of Magic erupts beneath the city Uriall-Madiess, home of the League of Magicks. Divine intervention by The Balance intercedes in mortal affairs and seals the rift. This cataclysmic event results in creation of Othrangad. The Ble-Aarakocra race is created from this magical disaster.

Year 1201 - Smickers Lot

Captain Smicker retires from pirating, becoming governor of his former pirate base, the freehold Smickers Lot.

Vhurindrar is sacked by three disparate armies.

Mathongrarg, a green dragon, is slain by a drow war party.

The Orchish Empire resettles Argruxiel.

Year 1202 - Orondir Treaty

The Khazarkar Empire forges a treaty with Orondir's bullywug.

Sos Vrii creates the first Ved'ogiim.

Year 1203 - End of the Gulimbor Cataclysm

In the weave of Gulimbor, weave spiders stabilize the Web of Magic, ending the Gulimbor Cataclysm.

Year 1205 - Elgatâz

The trapper camp of Elgatâz becomes a permanent settlement.

Year 1206 - Sidari-Nyx

Explorers map a vast Underdark passage, naming it Sidari-Nyx.

Khro'gaz Drugnod, leader of the Garormuk Federation, is assassinated by the Sanguine Whispers.

Year 1207 - New Chief

At a youthful age of 17, Rônal Avalninâth becomes head of the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1209 - Raci-Tuc

The settlement Raci-Tuc is founded by the pirate captain Raci-Tuc.

Year 1215 - Whitefang Joins Vith Alok

Whitefang becomes a Vith Alok cell.

Year 1219 - Lamprophyre

The settlement Lamprophyre is founded by Rilirthad.

Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc forges the blade Grarg.

Year 1221 - Zilkhûn

The settlement Zilkhûn is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1222 - Battle of the Relics

Black Wood and the Arch-Mages of Merioss secure Blizzard and Firestorm in the vaults of Viressur.

Year 1231 - Collapse of the Chari'they Alliance

The Chari'they Alliance, an alliance of drow city-states, collapses after a century of guerrilla fighting against conquered peoples of the Underdark. The tactics learned against the drow, and the leaders created in the Tradeway Wars are what made the Sanguine Whispers so feared in later years.

Year 1235 - Fall of Kugirmuk

Kugirmuk, of the Garormuk Federation is captured by the Witch Horde.

Year 1238- Moralak

The Ba'lith begin construction of a massive wall called Moralak. It is erected along their southern border as a defense against the Hive Swarms.

The Grisagwer order of knights is founded.

Year 1239 - Tomb of Goulnax

Goulnax Svocius, 33rd Azimuthal Potentate of Runax Chenkhar, is interred in the Tomb of Goulnax.

The sword Grarg becomes sentient.

Year 1240 - Witch-Pack Peace

The federation of Garormuk and the Witch Horde sign the Witch-Pack Peace Agreement, ending the Witch-Pack War.

Year 1241 - Runax Chenkhar

Shiz-Abscis establishes the Runax Chenkhar government.

Year 1242 - Rise of the Pirate Lords

Numerous bands of pirates of Ma'Ohari and the Buccaneer Archipelago, along with the pirate-run city of Raci-Tuc, establish a loose confederacy called the Pirate Lords.

The settlement Adrimân is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

Ghoul laborers under Goulnax began constructing the settlement Izurâg.

Year 1244 - The Cult Purge

Undead armies of the Cult of Worms ravage Hells Womb. Kal-Oni send assassins and crack adventurers to purge the cults of the necromancers and death priests. Kal-Oni bans the Church of Thasmudyan.

The Giff League, hailing from the world Marragh, establishes interplanetary trade with Ivory Ayslum.

In the Lamp'ald cavern complex, Rilirthad opens the Gypsum Rift.

Year 1245 - Nature Protectorates

Aredhel establishes the Nature Protectorates. She makes Oakenbeard the Protectorate of the Lands of Purity, Springflower the Protectorate of Hells Womb, and Diedriss the one for the Aerie of Dragons.

The giff company Ralda-Ran is set-up to handle trade between the Giff League and entities on Bal-Kriav.

Year 1248 - Alreirsoar

The settlement Alreirsoar is founded by the Agulbandal fire giants.

Year 1250 - Birungrith

Birungrith, a fortress nestled in Othrangad, is completed. On Brucrumus, this place is the first major bastion dedicated to the spread of Thasmudyan's influence.

Black Wood becomes a Nature Protectorate for western Cinazan and parts of the Tribe Steppes.

Year 1251 - High Wood Quake

The High Wood Quake tears up parts of the High Wood Country.

Year 1253 - Torazan Sanctum

The Mad Wizard Flay builds Torazan Sanctum.

Year 1254 - Apex Maze

Work begins on the Apex Maze.

Year 1255 - Pitch Bone Rampage

The Pitch Bone Legion, more than a legion strong, breaks free from the controlling necromancy of the Cult of Worms and goes on a rampage, wrecking havoc in the Kal-Oni empire.

The Orchish Empire captures the Gimhak city Anarukthalan.

Year 1256 - Deep Six Contact

The Giff League makes contact with the Deep Six of Ilabizdum.

The pirates of northern Ma'Ohari found the settlement Ren-Jorusk.

The druidess Diedriss establishes the Decay Conclave.

Year 1260 - Gwaeldior Alliance

The Gwaeldior Alliance is formed to put an end to the Pitch Bone Legion and remove the corrupt government of the Kal-Oni government. The Kal-Oni War begins.

The settlement Milithian is founded by the Targad.

Year 1261 - Corps of the Apocalypse

The knightly order Corps of the Apocalypse is established.

Year 1266 - Fall of Kal-Oni

The Kal-Oni War ends. Defeated by the Gwaeldior Alliance, the Kal-Oni Empire's 250 year reign comes to an end. Dying in the war's last great battle, Empress Lorkiee's body is entombed in the Hall of Hades. Kal-Oni's former holdings become free holds.

The Alluvium Wardens is established at Alluvium Deep.

The ravages of the Armada of the Damned are stopped by the archmage Razzir and his team of air elementals.

Year 1267 - Destruction of the Pitch Bone Legion

In the Battle of Mynzuth, the Lances of Merioss destroys the Pitch Bone Legion.

The settlement Drakhôr is founded by several knightly orders of the fallen empire Kal-Oni.

Year 1268 - The Merchant League

Nine powerful merchant lords of Hells Womb form the Merchant League.

Year 1270 - Braca-Hloth

The giff mercenary company Braca-Hloth is established.

Year 1275 - The Sadar-Nizar

Centaurs, tainted by magical emanations from Bal-Kriav's Cube of Arcane, are transformed into what the Khazarkar's Department of Retooling call the Sadar-Nizar.

Year 1278 - Aspungad

The fortress of Aspungad is built by an order of knights called the Wardens of Aspungad.

Year 1279 - Orders of War

General Bile forges the Orders of War military alliance.

Year 1280 - Thryunkian's Abode

Thryunkian takes claim to the ruins of Urgalroth.

Year 1282 - Lower Hells Womb Territory Act

The Council of Bile is founded.

The Merchant League and the nobles of numerous fiefdoms anchored on Nadrunal, crafted the Lower Hells Womb Territory Act. This treaty establishes the territorial boundaries and spheres of control for the signers. As a result of the growing might to the west, the Council of Bile, the leaders of the Merchant League establish the Paradomea Empire empire.

Year 1284 - Pyramid of Nature Re-discovered

The Angrod party Valandil Léralondë discover the Pyramid of Nature.

The Council of Bile forms the Malreeth.

The Orchish Empire captures Matak.

Year 1285 - High Down War

The High Down War begins with the Angrods taking the offensive against the drow of Eldalweril.

The Orchish Empire captures Haugald.

The Sinews of Atlas is established in Vraga Moltus.

Year 1286 - Jofgror Rises

A year and a day after his dying defending his home, Jofgror Odving is reborn a solar under Silvanus.

Year 1287 - The Cheldremn

Elves seeking to expand Taurquion, establish the Cheldremn cult.

Year 1290 - The Great City of Paradomea

Paradomea City becomes a major trading center. The head merchants, or Syndics, of the nine most powerful merchant houses form the Council of Nine. Paradomea becomes a "melting pot"; housing bandits, pirates, exiled creatures from the Lands of Purity, and any other creature seeking intrigue, riches, and liberty to pursue whatever activity they deem fit.

The Council of Nine welcomes the first void faring race to their ports. The Giff League, by way of Ralda-Ran establishes lucrative trade for themselves and Paradomea.

Year 1292 - Centrifuge Coliseum

Ivory Asylum completes the Centrifuge Coliseum. The Champion of the Pits is the first game to be held in this marvel of engineering.

The Har'kish Civil War begins.

The Council of Nine establishes the Pardaomea Consortium.

Year 1293 - The Giff Treatise

The BSA distributes copies of the Giff Treatise, effectively a buying guide, to their trade partners on the world Bal-Kriav; with the empires Ivory Asylum, Paradomea, and Grimmarsveinn.

The Alluvium Wardens re-take Alluvium Deep from House Hannanâtha.

Year 1294 - Tearberon

The Council of Nine establishes the clandestine agency Tearberon.

Year 1296 - Sink of Chaos

Agents of Mutation open the Sink of Chaos, scarring the Vale of Hleittil with a Chaos Maelstrom.

Year 1298 - Drog'paagol Moves to Phaze Keep

Drog'paagol takes claim of Phaze Keep.

Year 1299 - Entropic Eddies

Using primordial magic, Eldalweril arcanists begin making Entropic Eddies.

Year 1300 - Glashynal

Rúmil completes the Glashynal sky fortress. The citadel becomes a forward bastion for elven border guards.

The Second Kizan War begins between the empire Rúmil and the city-state Rumaktharga.

Savagor creates the first Skullcrusher.

Year 1301 - Atturgad

The Atturgad Fortress is built by the Farinteen Empire.

After slaying her boss, Pivix Cari'lith becomes the new ruler of the Har'kiishin Empire.

Year 1302 - The Shadow Curse

Conduits to Deaths Kindle's shadowy side, a Shade Farm, infects the people and creatures of Synnbarri with the Shadow Curse.

Seeking to stop the environmental destruction wrought be the Cube's energy, the Voruth Anharr Project is initiated.

The first mongrelfolk are born from Griddrir's inter-breeding programs.

Year 1303 - Mieldroon

Maleraunts of central Kilth finish constructing the bastion of Mieldroon.

Year 1304 - Fall of Eldalweril

The High Down War ends with the destruction of the Eldalweril empire.

Year 1305 - Krak-Oth's Faith Spreads

Ningizzida priests spread the faith of Krak-Oth in the lands of Council of Bile.

The settlement Komatiite is founded by the Rilirthad.

On the moon Leptyr, the void port Kreighton is built by the Giff League.

Year 1306 - Aggis

The settlement Aggis is founded by the Tragaran fishermen.

A group of dwarves working on the Danzar-Khâl Monument establish the mercenary company Felindûl.

Year 1308 - Nir-Madyin

Nir-Madyin is built by Drog'paagol.

As part of the Voruth Anharr Project, the Voruth tower is built.

Year 1309 - Barun-Mitân

The settlement Barun-Mitân is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

The elven order of knights called Inderion is established at Celebriän.

Year 1310 - Tintibulus Chute

The heads of nine merchant houses build a great palace called the Palace of Nine. The wizards behind this work took it the extreme, using so much arcane magic in an area in such a short period of time that it tore a hole in the Web of Magic. This hole became a permanent maelstrom, at its heart yawned a rift to a distance world. Named after the world it links to, the rift is called the Tintibulus Chute.

Defilnus burns down Karouk-Tru.

Proselytizers of Lokestant construct the watery bastion Anglor Hellion.

Year 1311 - Skarn

Rilirthad builds the mobile fortress Skarn.

Holy Sanctum is built by the Farinteen Empire.

The Voruth Anharr Project is finished.

Year 1312 - Har'kish Schism

The Har'kish Civil War ends, resulting in a schism in Har'kish.

The Council of Nine creates the Prism of Worlds.

Defilnus starts construction on the Bone Keep.

Year 1314 - Suf Sungaar Captured

Ag Envok captures the city-state Suf Sungaar.

Year 1315 - Drums of Horgon

The Sea Devil War begins.

The Peace of Guirfeint is signed, ending the Second Kizan War.

Year 1316 - Athenas Lanterns

The holy order Athenas Lanterns is established at Holy Sanctum.

Year 1317 - Fall of Limac-Nîr

The Sea Devil War ends.

The Nalbirag Gold War begins.

The Shadow Curse ends.

Year 1318 - Ink-Shad

A conclave of shadow wizards establish the nation of Ink-Shad. The Nînilzar becomes its ruling body.

In the second year of the Nalbirag Gold War, Haag-Bre falls to the army of Râlê.

Year 1319 - Githlarâk

Formed from separatists of Har'kish, the Council of Nine establishes an elite guard named the Githlarâk.

Year 1320 - Neetch Institute

The Neetch Institute is established at Barun-Mitân.

Construction on Tas'dvr Mout begins.

Year 1321 - Rise of Altocumuli

Cloud giants, led by Yrsuthroa, establish the nation of Altocumuli.

Strange emanations are located in the deeper levels of Undercity. A previously unknown ore causes mutations in the slaves mining the material. Thalbiruzdu begins resisting the territorial expansion of Undercity.

In the entropic lands of Hleittil, the first Mamorian is born.

Year 1322 - Dragon Headmaster

Drog'paagol forcibly takes charge of the dragon cult Vith Alok.

Following a major battle in the Nalbirag Gold War, the Ilad clan is forced from the upper mines of Nalbirag.

Gnolls of northern Ânul build the keep of Okrungknot.

Year 1323 - Rerkvorg Claim

The Council of Bile begins expanding their territorial bounds into Rerkvorg, in what becomes known as the Rerkvorg Pacification Campaign.

Year 1325 - Battle Arena of Bile

Council of Bile completes the Battle Arena of Bile. On opening day, the Knights Cross tournament is held at this colossal stadium.

A the Battle of Ninâth Înal, Corpse Tearer, probably the mightiest wyrm outside of the Aerie of Dragons, destroys a Tamlêrran army.

Year 1326 - Abyssal Fiend

The balor Dvr'jiss Jagg is summoned to Bal-Kriav by a conclave of Theegan witches.

Year 1329 - Dvr'jiss Release

Invaded by Athenas Lanterns, the witches of Ara'rya release Dvr'jiss Jagg.

Year 1330 - Llydaros Exile

Shounejo exiles the entire bloodline of Llydaros to Torvild where they build the settlement Screw.

Tîra-Phâth joins Vith Alok.

Year 1331 - Ma'skitt

A number of slave lords of Paradomea City join together, forming the company Ma'skitt.

Year 1332 - Wrath of Aerdresh

Nearly half of the population of Pipe Home are lost to a great plague, what becomes known as the Wrath of Aerdresh.

Dvr'jiss survives the Balor Prince War.

Year 1333 - Formation of the Sanguine Whispers

A clandestine guild called Sanguine Whispers is established at Orryn.

The Raefknar War begins in the near lightless depths where Raefknar becomes part of Drarthiel.

Year 1334 - Outpost Prime

The Sanguine Whispers make Umakh-Morz their new headquarters.

Year 1335 - Chime

The settlement Chime is founded by Llydaros colonists.

Many creatures of Quendirion perish from a thick and sticky cloud of pollen. Emitting from the Tendrils. it is thought the Cheldremn used the Pyramid of Nature to briing doom upon their enemies.

The Balance ascends Lokestant, making her a Cult Power.

Year 1336 - Founding of Borurthane

The naga Gúlúrn establishes the cult Borurthane.

Year 1337 - Fall of Yastorogg

Yastorogg falls to the Army of Dvr'jiss Jagg.

Malshirk'iss agents begin inciting the firenewts of Caralda, starting what would become known as the Caralda Affair.

Year 1338 - Raefknar

The Raefknar War ends.

Year 1340 - Danzar-Khâl Monument

After 250 years of manual labor, and no use of magic, the dwarves of the Clans complete the Danzar-Khâl Monument.

Year 1341 - Korbortun

The settlement Korbortun is founded by the Gorkith hobgoblins.

Defilnus sells the Collossapolos trade district to the Orchish Empire.

Year 1344 - Tao-Nuyu

The settlement Tao-Nuyu is founded by Shounejo.

Year 1345 - Rediscoverd Magis Institute

Nevicanad discovers the Magis Institute. In the same year, spies of the Witch Horde, tracking the wizard's moves, decide to take the place for themselves. An army of three thousand marches on the ancient Covenant edifice. Locals of the area report awesome displays of magic and thunderous booms. In an area that becomes known as Golem Pass, the barbarian horde is annihilated.

Year 1346 - Midrurgrune

The Tongrar hobgoblins build fort Midrurgrune.

Year 1347 - Spatial Rift Theft

The Eye of Gith casts a shadow over Drakhôr. During a routine supply mission, the Har'kish purchase water and other goods from the Council of Bile. The Creed of Tech hide several agents in these water barrels, whereby they infiltrate Tritium-Psyche, stealing spatial rift technologies.

Year 1348 - The Demon Tyrant

Dvr'jiss captures Bolip-Stalacite.

Year 1351 - Artwerk

The settlement Artwerk is founded by the Llydaros.

Emperor Blac'drugulois and the elder beholder Modragh establish the Court of One Hundred Eyes.

Goth-Dyvermoir gives up control of Caralda, bringing an end to the Caralda Affair.

Year 1355 - Hulkurân

The Khazarkar Empire completes construction of Hulkurân. With the death of Irân Akhôrrâma, the Church of Set issues a bull calling the Eternal Life Proclaimation.

The Farinteen Empire annexes the island of Gunalc and its town Aggis.

Year 1388 - Westerlies Agreement

Ivory Asylum and Paradomea sign the Westerlies Agreement.

Year 1390 - Fall of Arnogrygg

The Khazarkar Empire captures Arnogrygg.

A non-aggression treaty is signed between Paradomea and Celebriän. As part of the treaty, the elves lift the Wolfin Spirits ward on Scartaris.

Year 1392 - Palace Heist

Thieves break into the Palace of Nine, resulting in the death of the Syndic Nargontou.

Year 1399 - Garaldrarg - Sapthiladân

The ancient hold Garaldrarg is captured by the Khazarkar Empire. Following Khazarkar cultural policies it is renamed Sapthiladân in honor of Setarch Imruk's family.

Year 1400 - Korbortun War

The Orchish Empire declares war on the hobgoblin city-state Korbortun. The war ends five months later after the Fograth fails to secure a safe landing area on the eastern banks of the Dargirth.

Abhômaipeth captures the frontier city Urandârik from the Tamlêrran.

Year 1402 - Rise of the Tormoran Federation

Hobgoblins tribes in the southeastern reaches of Grashakh establish the Tormoran Federation.

The settlement Helmstar is founded by the Farinteen Empire.

The Khazarkar Empire's western expansion meets the northward territorial grab of the Orchish Empire. This results in the Battle of the Footpaths. Ugradrath becoming the natural border between the two empires.

Year 1406- Lirgad

The Corps of the Apocalypse builds the fortress Lirgad.

Year 1407 - Primordial Storm

Explorers from Magis Institute enter the Primordial Storm and determine that it has unstable gateways to Chaos.

Year 1410 - Porphyry

The settlement Porphyry is founded by the Rilirthad.

Phâte Sûlê, a branch of the Pharzîmrâth, began exploring the ruins of Maurkac.

The Rerkvorg Pacification Campaign is declared over.

Year 1412 - Locust Encroachment

A swarm of insects, locust, auhjeen, and other semi-intelligent insects begin invading the lands of the Ba'lith. This conflict becomes known as the Locust Encroachment.

Ahunil is finished by the Orchish Empire.

Year 1414 - Relics of Horgon

Explorers commissioned by the Pulogmac find Durkoth rune tablets in the undersea ruin Inendeep.

Year 1415 - Digging for Gholompotl

Khazarkar archaeologists of Phâte Sûlê began digging for the lost city of Gholompotl.

Year 1420 - The Yellow Pestilence

A deadly plague, quickly spreads from Paradomea City to Bathor and Drakhôr. A travel quarantine is put in place in all these cities to contain the outbreak. More than 30,000 people perish and triple that suffer permanent skin damage from a disease called the Yellow Pestilence. By the end of the year, the Malreeth discover that the Sanagar-Umlâs were responsible for creating and aiding in the spread of the Yellow Pestilence. The Council of Bile and Paradomea slay all members of the disease spreading cult they find, and banish the cult from Hells Womb.

The Khazarkar Empire begins territorial violations against Gilraen.

Griddrir frees its Mongrelfolk slaves.

Year 1421 - Vassal Declaration

Seeking to make the Gilraen oligarchy a vassal state, the The Khazarkars start the Gilraen-Khazarkar War. A short war, Gilraen becomes a vassal state and the Khazarkar Empire enacts the Monotheism Proclaimation.

A Progeny of Baltalas comes through the Glothreth Rift. This fiery primordial monstrosity lays waste to part of Glothreth and then marches west into Igas.

Year 1422 - Bazar

The settlement Bazar is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

The Salbâth Insurgency begins.

Year 1425 - Rilirthad Warmongering

Expanding eastward, the Rilirthad start warring with the clans of Gul. The expansion takes them to the borders of Ivory Asylum. This invasion starts the Ivory-Dao War.

Defilnus establishes the necromantic school called Úrwath.

Year 1426 - Gholompotl

Khazarkar archaeologists find the kuo-toan ruins of Gholompotl. The Khazarkar Empire claims this ancient ruin as their first major holding of Faeglor.

On 12 Dreamer, Sakazrân becomes the Nature Protectorate for Gulimbor.

Year 1427 - Skurnskalf

The cloud giants of Altocumuli complete Skurnskalf. This richly decorated palace of Orthrump is so vast in size that dragons can fly about it.

The settlement Nirzanâth is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

Skarn is captured by Ivory Asylum.

Year 1429 - Fall of Agibandal

In the Ivory Dao War, the Rilirthad captures Agibandal.

Year 1433 - Yanâth-Târuk

The Eldritch Conclave completes construction of Yanâth-Târuk.

The Portal Sentinels close the Gypsum Rift.

Year 1436 - End of the Ivory Dao War

Unable to relieve their besieged cities, Rilirthad sues for peace, ending the Ivory Dao War.

Year 1438 - Ethâr Granted Statehood

The victors of the Ivory Dao War petition Ivory Asylum for state status. In recognition of their valor and loyalty to the confederacy, Ethâr becomes a state of the confederation.

Year 1440 - Orophin Meneldur

The Falin-Tandra create an elite group of commandos called the Orophin Meneldur.

Year 1442 - Fall of Eastern Shar

Githzerai assassins of Thieleth capture Eastern Shar.

Year 1443 - Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk

Geb and the mortal Sakazrân destroy the Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk; and in the process create the Hand of Sakazrân.

Bolip-Stalacite is captured by Yastorogg.

Year 1444 - Treaty of Thorvir Kroi

With the signing of the Treaty of Thorvir Kroi, works on the rebuilding of the ancient Glangveif bridge of Thorvir Kroi.

Year 1445 - Shoglomph Expedition

The kuo-toan ruler of Shoglomph hires the Marching Twenty to explore the lower reaches of his city.

Year 1448 - Kiihus Vaaril

Thashangriel attacks the Khazarkar Empire, starting the conflict Kiihus Vaaril.

T'kyr raiders sack the town of Smickers Lot (c.f. Smickers Lost)

Year 1450 - General to Gorthundor

Raxcvillibus is made a general under the Furrouth usurper Gorthunder.

Year 1453 - One Down, One Joins the Council of Nine

Internal conflict in the Council of Nine results in the termination of the lich Lainómë. Lasestrov embraces lichdom and joins the Council of Nine as her replacement.

Year 1454 - Red and Blue Courtship

The blue dragon Staticikana and the red wyrm Rubicon begin a courtship. Their love, thirst for power and loot, lead to the establishment of the Farengrath kingdom.

Black Banner plunders the lower crypts of Alluvium Deep.

Year 1455 - Battle of Orrai

Surtur and his army of fiendish fire giants and dozens of red dragons, travel to the abyssal world ruled by Huhueteotl. In the ensuing battle, Huhueteotl is slain by Surtur. Thereafter, many followers of Huhueteotl turned to worshiping Surtur.

Seeking ways to mine toxic areas, the Mutant Progress Bureau is established.

Year 1456 - Fall of Orias Vual

Forces under Gorthunder captures the Pyramid of Conflict.

An army led by the Asvard Fjoll captures Orias Vual, ending Hellbleaker's reign over Goth-Dyvermoir. Minions of Surtur, led by Gorthunder, establish a new Goth-Dyvermoir government called the Vinjof Sillodis.

Cryanus, a newly made lich, joins the Council of Nine as its Syndic of Commerce and Treasury.

Year 1457 - The Crillion Comet

The Marching Twenty, on an expedition for the Nil Koraaviik, explore the Crillion Comet. They suffer terrible losses combating highly advanced devices, strange monsters, and hazards never before recorded. After their return, within days, the remaining members of the group perish from an incurable degenerating disorder.

Black Banner returns from the world Tintibulus with a vessel better left forgotten, the death ship Godheads Revenge.

Year 1458 - Cyclops Harbor Cannon

The cyclops of Jolmgar successfully test fire the first Cyclops Harbor Cannon.

Year 1460 - The Genie Pact

The Kiihus Vaaril causes the Khazarkar Empire to forge a pact with the genies of Gludragh. The union of these two forces leads to the defeat of Thashangriel.

Aided by the notorious Black Banner, Lasestrov, Paradomea's merchant lord for Undercity mining, crushes the army of Thalbiruzdu.

The company Giant Cannons is formed to handle the need for giant artillerist for Cyclops Harbor Cannon.

Year 1461 - The Orc Incursion

The Orchish Empire invades Hells Womb, starting the First Sorrow Pass War. The Gimhak, hold a long-time strategic bottleneck, the Sorrow Pass, thwarting all attacks.

The top general of the Orchish Empire, Rassald, is lost inside Galstyxe.

An expedition by Black Banner into Kazzatar comes across the Lost Cousins of the Elderaunts. These creatures are similar in stature to elderaunts. However the coal black skin, blood red eyes and discolored, misshapen tusks make them noticeably different. Ermikel the Balance records these creatures as a new race, naming them maleraunts. Late in the same year, Black Banner enters the Pyramid of Merioss.

In the Cormindar Mountains, the heroes of Black Banner began training the Kambar-Ghul Army.

Year 1462 - Grim Harvest Crusade

Black Banner goes to war with the Dead Guard, starting the Grim Harvest Crusade.

Raxcvillibus is thrown into the fires of Malephar. Higher Powers decide that they have bigger plans for Raxcvillibus, raising him from his fiery death as a hell knight. Raxcvillibus begins the Retribution Campaign, taking the Pyramid of Conflict, then Orias Vual, and ending it with the slaying of Gorthunder, emperor of Goth-Dyvermoir.

Year 1463 - Voyage of The Weretopia

The Weretopia with its lycanthrope crew and passengers, set sail from Thithak. Leading the voyage was Lady Gass-du-lac, her goal, find a land for lycanthropes to live without persecution.

The First Sorrow Pass War ends with the defeat of the Orchish Empire.

Year 1464 - Rise of the Black Tide

The Grim Harvest Crusade ends with the fall of Gravestone Gates. The victors of this siege, Black Banner and their army of undead, goblins and mercenaries, are reformed as the Black Tide; the leaders of this nascent empire become its government, the Dead Council.

The Balance proclaim the Dead Lord Balance, whereby Thasmudyan and Hades become equal in Divine Power.

The Dead Lord Balance will be short-lived. I see no need for balance or status quos, the game will change to absolute domination and eternal sentience for those willing to embrace the Ultimate Gift. You will carry the Black Banner against the foes in the west, that bulwark of good.

- avatar of Thasmudyan, to Jairall from Jairall's Diaries - "Dead Lord Balance"

The settlement Free Tooth is founded by Gass-du-lac and her kindred lycanthropes.

The Mutant Progress Bureau creates the first Mutant.

Year 1465 - The Black Tide War

The Pyramid of Merioss is captured by the Black Tide.

Thasmudyan provides the rites of creating Taln'nazân Monarchs to some of his highest priests. The first person to undergo this necromantic transformation is Jairall Bloodtusk.

The Black Tide War begins with the Sacking of Ivory Ward. On the western coasts of Ma'Ohari, Jairall establishes the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. On Brucrumus, the Black Tide mobilizes for war.

Lady Gass-du-lac and her lycanthrope passengers establish a colony south of Karnegmoth. This land bordering Mephigax becomes known as Weretopia.

Raxcvillibus establishes the order Lix Tetrax. A month after its creation, he adds its first member, his newly created death knight minion Kuralda.

The Sanguine Whispers occupy Ebonstar.

Year 1466 - Fall of Bathor

The city of Bathor falls to the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

Gray Matrix is formed to avenge the Black Tide atrocities committed in the Siege of Gravestone Gates.

The Westerlies Agreement is nullified. The Council of Nine signs a neutrality pact with the First Dead Council.

Year 1467 - Trunk Horn Truce

Ba'lith and Ivory Asylum end the Horn Tusk Conflict.

Reports began of undead dwarves and a skeletal blue dragon, out of Black Forge, terrorizing the southeastern Sorrow Pass.

The Black Tide, its undead complement growing daily, captures the independent city-state Scartaris. Fifteen hundred miles south, on Ma'Ohari shores, Jairall captures the Ivory Asylum city Salandirik.

By way of the imp Kyriyes, a storied general named Rax joins the First Dead Council.

The War of Gorahrigir begins.

Year 1469 - Tangled Weave

The Sanguine Whispers establish Tangled Weave, a school for training Web Weavers.

Year 1470 - Capture of Avalkhirân

Monty's Marauders capture the flying fortress Avalkhirân.

Abhômaipeth begins eradicating the alien infestation of their moon Opulent Eye. This "alien infestation" are holdings of the Tamlêrran and the Giff League. This beholder threat moves the empires of Deep Six, Giff League, and Tamlêrran to form the Void Alliance.

The settlement Valangrim is founded by the Orchish Empire.

The Phanêthil Division joins the Black Tide's undead legions.

Year 1472 - Rise of Oathundor

The War of Gorahrigir ends, giving rise to the giant empire of Oathundor.

The Farinteen Alliance is established to protect the Lands of Purity from hostile empires.

Abhômaipeth defeats the Void Alliance at the Battle of 45:12:6. As a result of the victory, the beholders capture Aureoles.

The Tharn-Mol under General Jagg attacks Guthnimor and is repelled.

The Black Tide establishes the secret police force Grey Nil.

Year 1473 - Rise of the League of Gyalech

Four gangs of pirates, each run by a brother of the Gyalech family, establish the League of Gyalech.

The settlement Kuzrûnn'n is founded by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

Year 1474 - Citho-Cûr

The void bastion of Citho-Cûr is built by private companies serving the Giff League and Deep Six.

Year 1475 - Gimhak War

The Orchish Empire attacks Gimhak's northern holds, starting the Gimhak War. The Black Tide and the Orchish Empire forge the Eye-Skull Pact, making war on Gimhak's southern holds.

In the jungles and swamps of Ma'Ohari, the Serpent Reckoning begins.

To counter Ba'lith aggression, Azrik's northern peoples form the Torgilm Confederacy.

Year 1477 - Fall of Targind-Nal

Casualities of the Gimhak War, Targind-Nal is captured by the Black Tide and Strumpktar is sacked by the Eye-Skull Pact.

Year 1478 - Rise of Malshirk'iss

Ursorehor unites the scaly ones of Tha'lith under the Malshirk'iss Empire.

Malshirk'iss and the Kingdom of Bloodtusk sign the Ralban Treaty, ending the Serpent Reckoning.

Year 1479 - Ebonstar

The armies of the Black Tide move through Sorrow Pass and into the Lands of Purity. Marshall-General Garn captures the ancient citadel called Ebonstar.

Year 1480 - Fall of Ren-Jorusk

King Bloodtusk captures the pirate haven Ren-Jorusk.

On a mission code named Pit Viper, Squad X7E slays Marshall-General Garn.

An elite unit, called the Bakers Dozen, begins operations against the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

Year 1481 - Battle of Breached Pass

The unholy armies of the Black Tide battle the Farinteen Alliance at the Battle of Breached Pass.

While exploring Manduggiss, Squad X7E discovers a race of monkey-like minotaurs called the Sig-Lorm.

A group of Githirmil, taking advantage of war prices, establish the iron ore company Ilaruk Gongril.

On a sabotage mission named Mine Splash, Squad X7E destroys part of the Bloodbath Dam. This results in a major disruption in the manufacture of Elem-Guard for the forces of the Black Tide.

In the Dark Revolt, the isle of Torvild falls to the undead, ending the mortal existence of the Llydaros.

Year 1482 - The Gear Monument

An enormous device, one created by rogue modrons, is destroyed by Primus. Part of this device is tossed into a rift, landing in the Great Expanse. Locals call this alien structure, the Gear Monument.

The Ghul Armada under Admiral Bloodtusk captures Raci-Tuc.

The Bakers Dozen and their many operatives form guild-like units collectively called Aldassinen.

Year 1483 - The Astral Assault

Hired by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan, the Eye of Gith rains death upon the cities of Vraga Moltus and Voruner. The Sanguine Whispers sends Squad X7E to destroy the Hand of Gith. Six months later, mission failed, Voices of Gith rain down upon Outpost Prime.

Year 1484 - The Ashen Forest

Elgatâz falls to the Black Tide.

Katrana's army captures Elamir. Not long after, she activates the dragon orb Zuwuth Uv Enkii giving birth to the fiery peaks Armorn and Ireriel. South of these unnatural volcanoes, forest fires and lakes of magma wreck havoc on the Galadriël Monarchy.

Sig-Lorm, once home to the Manduggiss Trench, reoccupy the ancient Covenant ruin Hinnbjalf.

On the northern coasts of Weretopia, lycanthropes construct the pirate base Ratgorthor.

Year 1485 - Siege of Holy Sanctum

The Lances of Merioss and the Arch-Mages of Merioss are besieged at Holy Sanctum. In the Siege of Holy Sanctum, the Black Tide sends wave after wave of undead against the beleaguered garrison.

The Mauhúrz-Dúrak, undead legions built from those defeated by the Black Tide, captures Voruner.

The Gear Monument become active and begins producing constructs like clockworks, warforged, and maugs.

Raxcvillibus is slain by the solar Apoxlin and a vindicator named the Neutralizer. A divine curse is pronounced on him that becomes known as Apoxlins Sentence.

Year 1486 - Splintering of the Order

Forty thousand Jara of the Horde of Steel Monger, sweep into the Khazarkar Empire laying waste to farmlands, villages, and fortresses.

The oldest and largest knightly order, the Lances of Merioss splinters into five factions.

Viressur is encased in a globe of ice, its occupants put in a timeless sleep.

Year 1487 - Fall of Holy Sanctum

The Siege of Holy Sanctum ends with the capture of Holy Sanctum by the armies of the Black Tide.

Griddrir hires mercenaries to deal with Okrungknot.

The settlement Aphalê is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1489 - X7E Metals

The X7E Metals company is formed.

Year 1490 - Fell Post

Fell Post is constructed by the Mauhúrz-Dúrak.

Year 1494 - Hrornskar

Hrornskar is re-settled by the Orchish Empire.

The Soul Storage Depot opens for business.

Giving up his life energy for negative energy, Ryglaglanis joins the Lix Tetrax.

Year 1495 - Setarch Retirement

Imruk, the mummy lord Setarch of the Khazarkar Empire, is retired.

Year 1497 - Agent of Commerce

Cryanus leaves the Council of Nine on a special mission to rebuild western Ma'Ohari's holds that now fell under the yoke of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.

The fey of N'nathil and the Khazarkar Empire forge the Treaty of N'nathil.

Year 1498 - Queen Cryanus

Cryanus becomes Queen of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.

Year 1499 - Sig-Lorm Chariot Race

The first Sig-Lorm Chariot Race is held at Hinnbjalf.

Katrana, a leader of the Black Tide, moves her army against the Maharâg.

The Third Epoch
EpochEra BeginEra End
Dawn Era1 DE8777 DE
God Era8778 GE9500 GE
Lith-Crillion Era1 LE2890 LE
Horgon Era1 HE1895 HE
First Epoch1999
Second Epoch10001499
Third Epoch15002000