Tormoran Federation

RegionGrashakh, Hells Womb
War Troll1%
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesGraz'zt, Thasmudyan, Tiamat
EnemiesToomrur Hegemony
FounderGorarmarg Tormoran
Established15 Brightstar 1402

General Gorarmarg Tormoran was a hobgoblin that once served as a general of the Orchish Empire. He fled the Orchish Empire because of large gambling debts. Debts to such important people and companies that not even the High Command could protect or help him. He fled back to Korbortun and worked his way into the military elite of the city. He had such great renown and charisma that he got many of the hobgoblin tribes to form a federation. Those that did not join were destroyed. Gorarmarg and fifteen hobgoblin chieftains founded the Tormoran Federation in the Year 1402.

Today, the federation is comprised of 40+ hobgoblin tribes. They have a vast slave population of goblins, which is readily armed in time of war. These rotten troops are commonly used as "cannon fodder" by empire's armies. Many generations of these creatures have grew up under the domination of the hobgoblins, and now serve as obedient slaves, having been indoctrinated over time to believe it is their duty to serve their hobgoblin masters.

The Tormoran Federation joins forces to oppose any concentrated threat by the Orchish Empire. Of course, they frequently are war with each other, carrying on raids, pillage, and looting as each tribe deems necessary.

In 1526, the Tormoran Federation expanded their territorial holdings into Hells Womb. In the last year of the Hobgoblin War (1526 - 1528), Vrak-Tror was militarily annexed, becoming a Tormoran holding.

The Tormoran Federation once paid homage to the god Coeus. His death at the hands of the hell knight Raxcvillibus left their priests without powers and their people without a god. Into this religious vacuum came Thasmudyan. For a time, Sekbire, second-in-command to Dax Jagg, lead the empire's Church of Thasmudyan. In 1832, he forged a military alliance between the Black Tide and the federation called the Sekbire Pact. In the Lich Front they captured KhatĂșlg.