OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded30 Hollow 194 HE

Hrornskar began as a temple dedicated to Thyrm. A massive edifice, frost giants built it at the edge of the Adrglof glacier, a holy site for followers of Thyrm.

As conflict grew with the fire giants of the Hofthorm Monarchy, the temple grew to be a citadel. It guarded the strategic vale of Lyfning Bar and the vital bridge of Thorvir Kroi. Fishing and boat traffic led to its expansion to the shores of lake Virgath.

In 1494, the Orchish Empire began the rebuilding of this ancient frost giant capital. It became a cornerstone of defense facing three potential hostiles, the Khazarkar Empire from the northeast, Forstneblin raiders out of Quellestir and sometimes Jara war bands from beyond the Arinthil Forest.

In the Core Offensive (1749 - 1760), a canal was built from lake Virgath to the Mazgob swamp. A supply depot, and billeting for many workers, Hrornskar became an important lake port. Today, it is an even busier port for ships coming and going to the Core Sea.

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