Core Sea

Area61K sq miles

The Core Sea is a vast inland sea located in western Cinazan. The Core Sea was once part of a greater water body called the Nermanis Sea. In the Year 920, the Nermanis Sea began receding as it drained into the Underdark. The Core Sea is all that remains of this once great inland sea. In the Horgon Era, long before its shrinking, the Core Sea was a natural and seemingly impenetrable barrier between the fire giant lands to the north under Hofthorm and the frost giant lands on the southern side under Glangveif. When Hofthorm started building ships at Silnir, they began raiding the gold-rich settlements of Glangveif. This grew worse with time leading to many wars between these two Titan Empires.

From the northeast, the Core Sea is fed by Ice Cap's melting glaciers. These streams converge forming the Tulerran River which flows into the Core Sea near the Pelwir Islands. From the south, three rivers empty into the Core Sea, the Alarthand, the Famirótan and the Elatir. In other directions, the Core Sea drains east into the Eämbavië delta where starts the Avalninâth river, and north where starts the Eldorien river.

Many pirates hide among the area's numerous fjords and river deltas. The largest concentration of these lawless groups are based out of the Pelwir Islands.

In the Third Epoch, this inland sea became hotly contested by the Khazarkar Empire and the Orchish Empire. The Orchish Empire built their settlements, fortresses and other holdings on the southwest coasts of the sea, while the Khazarkar Empire took command of the southeast centered on the port city Aphalê and the eastern coasts centered on the river city Sakarumân. The other major empire of the region is the Kingdom of Ithengee. An elven nation with roots back to the High Wood Country, they control the northwestern coasts centered on Séregon.

Many of the islands and areas around the Core Sea have elven names. They were named thus during the reign of the Ithendelts.

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