The Weretopia

CategorySailing Ships
ClassGalleon, unique
BuilderParadomea Seawards
Commissioned11 Kindle 1444
OwnerIvory Asylum

The Weretopia was a galleon built in the vast harbors of Paradomea City. It served five years as part of the mercantile fleet of this city. In 1449, the ship was overtaken by pirates of the Buccaneer Archipelago. The captain of this ship was a bloodthirsty werewolf named Oriroon. All of his crew were werewolves. On some attacks, the entire crew would be in werewolf form, leaping onto a ship and slaughtering everything aboard. The Weretopia was a much-feared ship for ten years. It was finally hunted by the Ciagmiral and captured. The werewolves were all killed in the attack. The Weretopia was towed back to Paradomea City. It sat in the bay unused for five years, and was about to sail on its final journey to Vorshym, when an exotic and beautiful woman asked to buy it. This woman was Gass-du-lac Dras'ee

The Weretopia was used by Gass-du-lac to transport lycanthropes from Brucrumus to the continent Straiden. The galleon and its passengers settled in what is today called Weretopia. The land she and her followers settled, lay south of the Elephant Backbone, a diverse region bounded on the north by impassable peaks, and to the east by the peaceful civilization of Pipe Home. At the time, the coasts were open and free of pirates and raiders and a vast stretch of ocean separated them from northern civilizations.

In 1541, the Naval Relics Museum at Orra purchased the vessel from Free Tooth for an undisclosed amount. The ship was restored and put on dry display in the museum.