Armorn in its heyday
RegionLands of Purity
Created16 Temporal 1484

Armorn was created during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). A powerful lich named Katrana used an artifact called the Elder Orb of Embers to cause a great upheaval in the lands of the Sylvan Kingdoms. The use of the artifact resulted in the creation of two highly active and volatile volcanoes in Ginzarak. These volcanoes used the same lava tubes of Gûn, which made the latter a much weaker volcano. The eruptions of Armorn caused conflagrations and earthquakes in the lands to the south and southwest. This caused great damage to Galadriël's lands, ultimately forcing many of the populace into the safety of Viressur's walls.

Armorn went dead when the Golden Elite used the Ankh of Phalgas to purify the Sylvan Kingdoms. The lava tubes that once fed Armorn were sealed for the most part by the Ankh, but in the dark reaches beneath the volcano, an area of volatile activity still exists. This Underdark area is called Radîn-Zukthol. The smoke produced from this area rises up through chimneys and old lava tubes and out of Armorn.

The volcanoes Armorn and Ireriel were named by Katrana. These were the names of her twin son and daughter, both dying at child birth. She is said to have cursed the gods when they died, possibly being damned by one or more of them in her foolish outburst, yet one god, Thasmudyan, came to her in her grief and promised that her twins will not be forgotten. There was one attempt to rename these volcanoes after the Black Tide was driven off the continent. The person who brought up this idea and pushed for the change ended up dying, along with his entire family and relatives in Paradomea. When they died, they rose as ghouls, caused quite a stir in the city. Since then, nobody has dared change the names, only saying in whisper "Armorn and Ireriel will not be forgotten".

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