Messu-Nora is sited around and across Hedrac. Centuries before the founding of Borillisk, this deep and towering pine forest was haunted by hags and evil fey. In some areas, the Tragarans would offer up sacrifices to placate powerful hags and other fell creatures of Messu-Nora. As the Tragaran population increased, these hags and fey were driven deeper into the forest or killed (c.f. Purging of the Hags).

Most of the Tragaran tribes despised the hags and evil fey of Messu-Nora. The Piamauza was a tribe that seemed to be on neutral and sometimes good terms with the evil folk of the area. In 12 HE, according to the Galanîn Codex, the entire tribe disappeared and was never heard from again.

- Zôn'ndas, excerpt from Khazarkar History - "Tragaran Tribes"

Ruins of towns, forts and other houses are scattered across the forest. In the Hedrac War, and the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), these places were abandoned by the Borillisk and other peoples. The area left to the wild, soon became the abode of evil fey and hags returning from hideouts in Barândîr.