Area2,200 sq miles

Ânul are hills roughly 20 miles wide that stretch from north to south for about 110 miles. They begin near the slopes of Damreth. They are bordered to the west by the swamp Orondir and to the northeast by the great canyon Izen'nâth.

Ânul's hills are generally very tall, with some reaching as high as 600'. They are pocked with dead mines, and active silver and iron mines. This area is frontier and out of control of the Khazarkar Empire. The hills are home to more than ten thousand mongrelfolk, perhaps even more. Some of these bestial creatures and others that dwell here have a mild leprosy; the khazarkars call it the Ânul Rot. The first populations of mongrelfolk to come to these hills occurred when the storm giant Queen Kjadval expelled them from Gurnskolf. Since then, the mongrelfolk have spread through-out Ânul. The mongrelfolk are not free from slave raiding. The gnolls of Damreth make periodic raids into the hills. Fortunately, the mongrelfolk vastly outnumber the gnolls and can usually hold their own against them.

Notable Areas