Paradomea City

Paradomea City
RegionHells Womb
Founded17 Witchrite 1036

Today known as Paradomea City, this metropolis is the largest city of the world Bal-Kriav. In the reign of Kal-Oni (1016 - 1266), it began as a small fishing village called Paradomea. The bay Vorshym was then rich with marine life, enough that it supplied the rest of the nascent empire with an abundance of fish, mollusks, and a great variety of pearls.

In 1260, Paradomea ceded from Kal-Oni rule, starting the Kal-Oni War (1260 - 1266). Paradomea's merchants lords, along with two foreign allies, formed the Gwaeldior Alliance, the goal to bring about change in the Kal-Oni reign.

In 1266, the Kal-Oni empire fell and with it Paradomea officially became a city-state. Paradomea was quick to repair the ravages of war and turn their economy around, as well as those of other former holds of Kal-Oni.

If we had not taken matters into our own hands, and instigated the Kal-Oni War, then we would probably have fallen to the Farinteens. A year before the start of this war, our spies, unlike those of Kal-Oni, pierced the supposed impenetrable "Farinteen spy cloak" and acquired top secret naval plans. These were designated the Amurlax Plan and pointed to an imminent Farinteen invasion. It is obvious they saw the weakness of Kal-Oni and its pitiful finances. Nonetheless, we were shocked to learn of these plans of betrayal by a long-term trading partner and sometimes ally.

Centuries later, when the Black Tide came to power a few of us were still around from the time of the Kal-Oni War. We brought Farinteen's secret naval documents before the Council of Nine to help in making decisions on what to do about the Black Tide. Most of us voted in favor of allowing them safe passage through Paradomea's lands.

When the Black Tide steam-rolled into the Lands of Purity, we expected them to bloody the noses of the Farinteens, but not go so far as to take their capital. The fallout of the Amurlax Plan is perhaps our greatest wrong decision.

- Hidrist the Unforgiving, Syndic of the Council of Nine, - "Fallout from the Amurlax Plan"

As Paradomea's influence, wealth, and power increased, control became more focused with rule gradually shifting from the Merchant League to the Council of Nine. When the empire Paradomea was established, the city of the same name became known as Paradomea City. Some still refer to the city as Paradomea.

In 1315, driven by the Drums of Horgon, Limac-Nîr's sahuagin attack Paradomea City. In last year of the Sea Devil War, the Council of Nine makes a deal with the people of the Pyramid of Merioss. In return for restocking their population, the Pyramid's ghouls turn their weapons on Limac-Nîr. The city is hit by devastating wave of heat, boiling the water, it depopulates the city and for miles around. Angered by the loss of so many of his followers, Poseidon violates the Mandate of the Heavens, sending a tidal wave against the city, drowning nearly 150,000 souls.

Paradomea has the Githlarâk as its primary garrison. The city has a special police force which is composed of the much feared Doom Squads.

The city is renown for their shipyards, massive freighter docks and the wondrous sky docks for aerial and voidships. The city is a also a haven for numerous guilds and companies. As one of the most wealthy nations in the realm, it attracts many thieving guilds and criminals. Most of the city's laws have a commercial element to them. The merchants continue to hold the strongest voice in the city's politics.

The city can be a very dangerous place to live, as melee breaks out often among the evil denizens of the place; with mages dropping fireballs on people and buildings alike. On occasion, an escaped otherworldly creature will rampage and terrorize the dwellers of the city.

Crime is rampant in the city, and drug use is common among the population with Maniac Conduit, Wax of Enlightenment, and Ragnorak being the most abused.

Paradomea City is set-up in quadrants, each quadrant containing four sections and the whole being governed by some group. These groups are encouraged to compete with other quadrants, thereby leading to the overall prosperity of the city. Beneath Paradomea City is Undercity. This Underdark city is a major trading center between Paradomea and the subterranean peoples of Drarthiel.