Gass-du-lac DRAS'EE

Class14th rogue
RaceVith'kirr MinĂ¢th
TitleThe Savior
Born27 Witchrite 989
Died1 Hollow 1584

Gass-du-lac Dras'ee, daughter of Lenassu Dras'ee traveled widely. This was due in part to her being a Vith'kirr, shape-shifting between humanoid and dragon form. Outside of the Khazarkar Empire, she was sometimes persecuted for being a lycanthrope. In her travels, she found that other lycanthropes were treated the same if not worst. Her family name saved her from possible death on several occasions, while others born of a less auspicious family would be killed or imprisoned for life.

The law does not sit fairly, even in the most noblest of places like the Lands of Purity, a lycanthrope will be treated differently under the law. Its generally assumed that all of us are either hunters of humanoids or destined to do so. There are some branches of lycanthropy that are more prone to hunting. They are also seen as the more vicious and feral among us, but they are all following animal instinct. Go into the wild alone, and if a hungry pack of wolves comes upon you, you can be sure they are not going to care if you are two legs or four legs, though they may have learned that the two-leggers are easier to catch. In all the lands I have traveled, and there are many over my two hundred and a half century odyssey, I have seen a common theme, lycanthropes are either treated with suspicion, hunted like animals, or persecuted.

Unlike my mother, I'm not bent on conquest and usurping rule. Instead I seek a place of refuge for others like me, one that would allow us to take any form, be it humanoid, hybrid or beast form. But to live free, we must be able to hunt instinctively, and for some of my kindred, that means any warm-blooded creature.

- Gass-du-lac, excerpt from her journal "The Lycanthrope Dilemna"

In 1463, Gass-du-lac purchased a ship named The Weretopia and embarked on a voyage to find a new home where were-creatures could live in peace and let their wilder side run free. Weretopia and her crew of lycanthropes went to the continent of Straiden. In a region that became better known as Weretopia, Gass-du-lac and her lycanthropes founded the settlement Free Tooth. She ruled for a little over a hundred years. She came to be known colloquially among lycanthropes as The Savior. The talaxans of southern Weretopia discourteously called her the Vith'kirr Queen.

Unlike her mother, she was not bent on conquest and being a usurper. She sought a place of refuge for others like her, one that would allow them to take any form.

- Kodratgar, wererat autobiographer of The Savior - "Good Apple"