RegionHells Womb
Founded23 War March 1048

Uriall-Madiess was founded in 1048 by the Kal-Oni Empire. It was sited in a hilly tract of land that today is a canyon. The place was built to study magic, the sciences, and other things away from prying eyes. It also served as a prison for highly dangerous prisoners.

In 1105, the League of Magicks captured the false emperor of the Kal-Oni Empire. This was the lich Caliguworm, who had been ruling as Emperor Onkuri Kal-Oni for the past 15 years. Caliguworm was brought to Uriall-Madiess and imprisoned alongside dozens of other high-profile villains, each in a Hibernation Bay. It is even said that the goddess Athena, sent her lover, the Solar Ephenon, to make sure the League had the ability to carry out this task.

On 6 Brighstar 1200, Uriall-Madiess was lost. This happened when the League of Magicks attempted to open a permanent rift to the Web of Magic. This rift became unstable, tearing the land around it, then sucked it all into the Web of Magic. Where the city once was, became the newly created rift Othrangad.

When Uriall-Madiess was lost, its infamous prison along with its prisoners were lost to the Web. It is unknown if any of them survived.

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