OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Built29 War March 1355

Hulkurân is a massive fortress poised on the edge of a plateau overlooking the southernmost tip of Sahânzar. The place was built by enslaved giants and made to garrison an entire army of such creatures. During the Third Ugradrath War, nearly all the citadel's giants were killed, so the barracks were turned into living quarters for Khazarkar troops. At the heart of the citadel is a massive base - atop this structure is a gargantuan statue of Set. The great size and strength of the statue is such that itself is a tower with numerous floors and fighting balconies. This statue is visible from the northern approach of the fortress. Hulkurân is the last major fortress before entering the demilitarized zone between the Orchish Empire and the Khazarkar Empire.

In the Cinazan Front, an army of the Flux Pact sacked this place. They did not remain long, nor spend much time looting, instead moving east towards Barun-Mitân where the 15,000 strong Neeth-Theen army was surrounded and wiped out.

Notable Areas