Creation19 Bloom 8975 GE
LanguageDwarven, Gol-Kaa (Goliath language)

The largest population of goliath are found in Ice Cap. In this chilling region, they number in the millions. The goliath came about during the God Era when they were tasked with guarding and maintaining the prisons of Denerra. Theologians claim that the goliath were created in the image and by Atlas. In the Lith-Crillion Era, groups of goliath began to settle along the northern coasts of Brucrumus in the Ice Cap region.

In most areas of the realm they are tribal, nomadic, and tend not to settle down in cities. Even in the Witch Horde, where many serve in her armies, the goliath have to be summoned down from the mountains or even tracked down when they are needed for military action.

Goliath, like the elderaunts have a lot of unusual customs. The goliath, a decentralized people, have customs that vary by tribe and region. One of the more widely known customs of Ice Cap is Honoring the Great Beast. This custom says that any great beast slain, like a dragon, remorhaz, or other creature feared by many, allows the slayer to take the creature's name, and by doing so, they gain some of its power. How much truth there is in this gaining the power of the slain has never been determined. The Legend of the Great Chieftain Bjalprek speaks of something that could be about this power taking, or it could just have been a miracle or attributed to natural causes.

Racial Traits
Racial as goliath (see Races of Stone)