RegionHells Womb
Founded16 Temporal 1602 HE

Strumpktar was founded by dwarven colonists from Gimhak. They built the place on Gathol's tallest hill. The settlement was strategically important because the Sorrow Road, that they built, passed through it and then upland into the Grashakh Region. Traders going to and coming from distant lands would always stop to check out the dwarven goods of Strumpktar. The city maintained trade and communication with Gimhak's northern holdings via the Cthorgo and other subterranean waterways.

The massive ruined walls and towers of this dwarven city have faded little with time. The place held firm from attacks from the north and south for centuries. During its heyday, Strumpktar traded iron and silver with the elves of CelebriƤn and finished goods with Paradomea.

Strumpktar was put to ruin in the Second Sorrow Pass War (1475 - 1477). Based on a secret agreement with the fire giants of Surticon, the conquerors, the Black Tide, did not occupy the ruin.

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