Mutant Tragaran
Typehumanoid aberration
Creation17 Saunas 1464

Long exposure to Zugg’s Gallstones, or more simply known as deep rocks, either kills creatures or in rare circumstances, genetically alters them. They become a mutant, and most importantly to those that have one, something immune to the thing that changed them.

Beneath Paradomea’s underground hold Undercity is a maze of mines called Gandûm-Thûr. This dwarven named area has a lot of Zugg’s Gallstones mixed in with its rich silver ore and crystal deposits. The problem that all that have come to this area is how to get the good stuff out without losing too many of your miners.

In the Second Epoch, Syndic Lasestrov sought ways to mine this area without losing his entire workforce from exposure. This led to the establishment of the Mutant Progress Bureau and the creation of the first Mutants.

They make them for the mines, its like a factory, no person with any honor would mate with a mutant, they are all abnormal looking ... monsters, so the Bureau, under the auspices of "Progress" farm them.

Mutants can't breed with each other, just like a Tragaran cannot produce anything if they mate with a normal animal, but a mutant and a Tragaran will always create another mutant. Their "progress" is needed for only they can suffer the Gandûm-Thûr mines. You also may not realize it with your busy lives, but a tenth of the empire's soldiers are mutants. Are we becoming a nation of engineered monsters?

- anonymous, from the Paradomea Gazette - "Monster Next Door"

Paradomea's Doom Squads are comprised largely of mutants called Doom Soldiers.

Racial Traits
Deep Rock Hardened born of exposure to deep rock, mutants are immune to its effects
Rock Hide +1 natural AC
Deep Rock Taint 5% chance of lesser insanity and -4 on any save vs an insanity effect
Open Mind 2-6 random psionic powers of up to 2nd level, 10-40 power points
Gamma Enhanced 1 of these resistances - fire 10, cold 10, sonic 10, electricity 10, power resistance 10
ECL +1
Racial as base race for other racial traits
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