OwnerIvory Asylum (Duraigosân)
Founded22 Bloom 1990 DE

Orra is the Supernal word for "oath". The area is said to have been called thus for those that took an oath to defeat primordial forces spilling out of Graer, or die trying. In the Creation War, this volcano was an invasion route for forces aiding the primordial lord Poseidon. The one behind creating the volcano's sudden appearance, ripping the land asunder, and then spilling fire giants upon the land was Surtur. The Covenant fortifications built in this area came to be known as Orra.

In 1649 HE three decades after driving away their Hydrocur overlords, the Duraigosân tribe resettled the ruin.

Orra is built along Graer's ridges and inside the collapsed side of this dead volcano. This collapsed area serves as a huge port, half of it inside the volcano's cavity. Even though, the once mighty rumbles of this peak are long gone, an equally menacing sound comes from city's annual Champion of the Pits or from the games played at the Centrifuge Coliseum. Another of the city's notable structure is the Naval Relics Museum. This colossal building holds ancient ships that have been decommissioned, raised from the depths, and restored for public display. One of the more famous vessels on display is the Weretopia.

The city's towers and walls bristle with with no less than twenty Cyclops Harbor Cannons.

Notable Areas