Earth Shrine

Built19 Bloom 8799 GE

At the base of the Zigil mountain is a great split leading to a vaulted cave which an ancient dragon could go through with ease. At the back of this cave are ornate stone gates and walls carved with images of earth archons. The gates are magnificent to behold, with wondrous works of sculpting and colossal - 200' high, 50' wide, and 25' thick. The great size of the doors would normally be unmovable without the aid of a team of elephants or giants, yet move tirelessly in the presence of those Earthen native to Chaos. This area is the Earth Shrine. It was built in 8799 GE as a monument to Earthen that served under Storralk in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE).

The Earth Shrine bars entrance to a closed rift to Chaos. In 1080, Phelehorn's armies breached the shrine. The guardians of the mountain and the shrine met this onslaught by unleashing a barrage of rocks and boulders. Some of these missiles were also tainted with a virulent disease that led to the events of the Earth Skin Rot. The rock that spewed out of the Earth Shrine drove off the attackers. Afterwards, the Earthen defenders of this holy site resealed the great doors and closed the rift to Chaos.

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