Earth Shrine

Built19 Bloom 8799 GE

At the base of the Zigil mountain is a great temple. Cut out of the mountain, it is a great ziggurat with passages fit for giants and even things bigger. It was built in 8799 GE as a monument to Earthen that served under Storralk in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE).

At the heart of the Earth Shrine are ornate stone gates depicting charging earth archons. Magnificent to behold, with wondrous works of sculpting and colossal - 200' high, 50' wide, and 25' thick, they move with ease for any Earthen, unmovable to others without the help of a team of elephants or giants. Beyond these doors is a sealed rift to Chaos.

In 1080, the Earth Shrine was breached by the armies of Phelehorn. Nearly defeated, the guardians of the shrine opened the doors sealing the rift. This unleashed a storm of rocks and boulders. All of those wounded by this, became carriers of a virulent disease called the Earth Skin Rot.

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