Built16 Temporal 1308

The underground complex Nir-Madyin was designed by Drog'paagol. He employed an army of Umahanbad laborers and designers, building a series of intricate labyrinths around the marvel Phaze Keep. Drog'paagol admitted the whole idea for building Nir-Madyin was to protect and hide this magical keep.

When Drog'paagol became the 17th Dragon Headmaster of Vith Alok, he moved the Cult's headquarters to Nir-Madyin. Being a powerful necromancer, Drog'paagol created a crack army of undead to guard his underground hold. His guards also included several dracoliches, elite undead like vampires and mummy lords, some fiends, and dozens of different types of golems. All of his undead were said to be enhanced with necromantic spells and nearly resistant to priestly turning and influence.

When the Orchish Empire pushed into the area above Drog'paagol's abode, conflict ensued. After a time, Drog'paagol became an uneasy ally of the High Command and their emperor Blac'drugulois. The military of the Orchish Empire, the Fograth, built Fort Helltorm on the surface, several hundred feet above Nir-Madyin. Drog'paagol says this was done as much to watch over him as control the strategic road Hellstorm Pass.

In 1822, following the Battle of Fort Hellstorm, the Fograth ordered Drog'paagol to vacate his abode under Fort Hellstorm. Drog'paagol abide the order, moving the Cult's headquarters to Kolmgar.