Built16 Temporal 1308

The Nir-Madyin labyrinth was designed by Drog'paagol. Funded by the Orchish Empire, it was a secret government research facility. So secret, that its builders, an army of Umahanbad laborers and designers, were all to be killed so that its existence be kept a secret. At the center of the labyrinth was a marvel called Phaze Keep. Drog'paagol and his team were tasked with unlocking the secrets of this mystical keep.

In 1332, Drog'paagol became the 17th Dragon Headmaster of Vith Alok. Later that year, this cult's headquarters was moved to Nir-Madyin.

Nir-Madyin is linked to Fort Hellstorm by elevators, ramps, and spiral staircases.

In 1822, following the Battle of Fort Hellstorm, the Fograth evicted Drog'paagol for dereliction of duty; namely failing to help the besieged.