Danzar-Khâl Monument

Built19 Lunar 1340

Currently the largest monument on Bal-Kriav is the Danzar-Khâl Monument. It was built in the Second Epoch, honoring the dwarven god Danzar-Khâl. Stonemasons from across the region participated in its construction. Following the guidelines of the Church of Danzar-Khâl, the work was done without magical aid. Started in 1090, it took nearly three centuries later. On the day of its completion, a coffer dam that held the waters back and diverted them during construction was destroyed. It released the waters of Shatharbal down a channel, where they then spilled from the mouth of a towering dwarven statue. This statue is 1200' high and a monument to the god Danzar-Khâl. In one hand of the statue is a pick and the other a dwarven battleaxe. These are made into the nearby walls, as even the dwarfs were unable to come up with a design to hold the great weight aloft. The most remarkable feature of the statue is the two hundred foot diameter hole, which is the mouth of the deity. The water spills through this hole and cascades down a 1000' high waterfall into the Nielalroch surf.

Massive chromed metal discs serve as the eyes of the Danzar-Khâl Monument. These are permanently lit, making the monument a lighthouse for seafarers. The Danzar-Khâl Monument is more than monument and lighthouse for inside it is a fortified complex serving as the headquarters of a guild of crack dwarven warriors called the Felindûl. Supplementing the defense of the place are trained dragon turtles, rocs, and rhinoceros war beasts. The legs of the statue have chambers reachable by both elevators and stairs. These lead all the way down to the docks. The dock area is called Arazûd. It is reached from the ocean by sailing between the legs and into a sheltered harbor capable of holding fifty large warships. Normally, this docks holds a third of Grimmarsveinn's navy, with the rest split between the navy bases at Tallsard and Klord.

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