Erchinor, before the Chaos War
CategoryFallen Empires
GovernmentOligarchy (Familial)
Kriavian Elf80%
Tradegrain, fruit, wine
Reign913 - 1830

Gilraen was founded a year after the Ithendelt Schism. This civil war resulted in a divided people. House Ithengee remained in the former lands of Ithendelt, taking over, and as is kriavian elf tradition when a new kingdom is born out of the ruin of another, they named it the Kingdom of Ithengee. The other kriavian elves, led by House Glorfindel, were exiled to the eastern shores of the Core Sea where they formed their own government under the name Gilraen (c.f. 913).

In 1420, the Khazarkar Empire began encroaching on the territory of the Gilraens.

In 1421, the Khazarkar Empire told the Gilraens that they must become a vassal state. They went to war a week later. The war was the shortest in history, the Khazarkars moved such an over-whelming force against the elves that they say the horizon was dark from the on-coming horde and the sky was filled with griffons and other flying beasts. The Gilraen-Khazarkar War ended two months after it started. Gilraen became a vassal state of the Khazarakar Empire. As a vassal state, they were pretty much free to do what they wanted. They would pay taxes, open up trade, and maintain racial integrity of their people, which meant that marriage or mating between kriavian elves and Khazarkars were forbidden. They would also exchange military doctrine, sciences, and other knowledge between each other. They were forced to give up worship of their primary god Arcana. Those that did not do this were imprisoned, exiled, executed, or became rebels. These rebels became part of what the Salbâth Insurgency which has raged unabated for four centuries. Some went as far as joining the Eldritch Conclave where they found like minds, highly skilled arcanists and those seeking for change in the Khazarkar Empire.

The Khazarkar Empire allowed them to exist in the area of Eämbavië as long as they shared their discoveries and provided teachers to the empire. It was not uncommon for khazarkars and these elves to interlope. These acts of affection were always done in secret because of Pharzîmrâth religious decrees on interracial affairs (c.f. Khazarkar Purity Edict).

On 14 Lunar 1830, Gilraen was destroyed by the armies of the Flux Pact (c.f. Cinazan Front). The majority of the empire's people fled west across the Core Sea, becoming refugees of Ithengee.

Kriavian elves with bloodlines to this empire are often called Gilraens.

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