Shadow Sect

RegionAerie of Dragons, Grashakh, Hells Womb, Lands of Purity
Symbolwispy dagger
Established10 Saunas 1029

Shadow Sect was one of the six factions of Bralda-Balc. Before the splintering of Bralda-Balc, they carried out the murder and clandestine operations for the guild. In 1029, they split from Bralda-Balc and became known as the Shadow Sect. Like the other factions of their mother organization, they competed for influence and power in the Kal-Oni empire.

During the waning days of Kal-Oni, the Shadow Sect were in absolute control of the empire. When confronted with threats from other powerful groups in the empire, they would murder entire families and wreck the economic interests of their enemies. Outsiders, including the other factions, viewed the Shadow Sect as utterly ruthless egomaniacs seemingly bent on bringing down the Kal-Oni empire. In 1266, internal strife and the Shadow Sect puppet government resulted in the downfall of this empire.

Today, the Shadow Sect are no longer into manipulating empires. Instead, they operate as assassins and spies for any employer. They are distinguishable by tattoos covering most of their shaved bodies and preference for lack of clothing; that is if you can see them, rarely does a target see a Shadow Sect and live to tell the story.

Agents of the Shadow Sect operate in many lands, always seeking some unscrupulous individual or organization to contract the services of the Shadow Sect. As noted, Shadow Sect assassins shave their bodies of all hair. They typically dye their skin a color to match the environment they operate in and only carry one or two weapons on their missions. All have tattoos on their body to indicate feats performed, such as assassinations or attaining greater skills. These tattoos are of intricate design and color. They are worked in a pattern to break-up the outline and appearance of the individual, some would say, giving them a shadowy appearance.

In 1665, Kreb the Scribe, agent of Shadow Sect, broke into XI Institute and stole plans for making certain energy weapons. This information was sold to his employer in Malacost. Several years later, energy weapons were being employed in some of Malacost's elite military units.