XI Institute

RegionHells Womb
LocationParadomea City
OwnerXI Institute Holdings
Built21 Bloom 1108

XI Institute is a massive "X" shaped edifice at the heart of Paradomea City. It is 180' tall and descends three times that distance into the Underdark. It is entirely crafted of naanabrak. The reason for the use of the stone was to ward the place from spies and thieves. The XI Institute is a secret research complex for advanced weaponry. A considerable amount of the research funds is supplied by the Council of Nine. One of the most powerful items to come out of the Institute's labs is the Telek Cage.

In 1114, a great amount of Web lore was provided to the XI Institute by a Conclave wizard named Izrapthân. This information put XI Institute on the map; making them, second to the Eldritch Conclave, a place for studying the Web of Magic.

XI Institute is privately owned by XI Institute Holdings. In this facility, they manufacture the Gith Lances used by the crack soldiers of the Githlarâk. The positive energy to charge the ammo for these weapons comes from the Ring of Phalgas. This positive energy rift is inside the Palace of Nine and off-limits to all but those with the highest level of clearance.

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Notable Areas
  • The Kiln - psionic forge