Kamoni Elephant
RegionAerie of Dragons, Hells Womb
MapKamoni Jungle

The Kamoni jungle stretches from the coasts of the Sea of Mourning to the slopes of the Dragon Wall and then east to Fiit Storn. The presence of this jungle in an otherwise temperate part of the world came about after the creation of the Temporal Zephyr.

The Kamoni is a natural barrier between Hells Womb and the Aerie of Dragons. In the Second Epoch, the Kamoni was inhabited by numerous orcs. The town of Tarkrath was the center of control and arms-making for the orcs. In 1041, the orcs were driven out of Kamoni by the Kal-Oni.

After the opening of Caina Nexus, the climate of Kamoni changed, the lower part of Hells Womb was swept with the Temporal Zephyr, and the forests slowly gave way to jungles. Druids and others repopulated the area with creatures from the lands of Ma'Ohari. One of the creatures they brought here were elephants. The elephants brought over from Ma'Ohari, now called Kamoni Elephants, are massive, fearless creatures. They have come to serve in heavy construction and ultimately bred for war, serving in the armies of Kal-Oni and the empires that followed. Today, Kamoni Elephants are sold in places likes Paradomea City where they end up in construction companies, an empire's armies, or in the ranks of an order like the Grisagwer.

Arduous March

The orc migration out of Kamoni is known as the Arduous March (1041 - 1096). During this "tactical retreat", Kamoni's orcs underwent a radical change in how they operated and behaved. Led by an enigmatic hero named Blac'drugulois, they forged a great nation of orcs called the Orchish Empire.