Dead Harvest

Hangath (northwest) - Mirtheon
Period1130 - 1135

A decade after the Morath War, the Orchish empire began a push north and east around Bileddanul. In the western tracts of Hangath, they were constantly under threat of attack by the area's halflings.

Fograth blight druids, using the ancient practices of the MauhĂșl Valley, went to work culling the halfling population. Actions of these Blighters got so bad that they caused large scale crop failures in the forest and a decay of the area's vegetation. This period of famine came to be called the Dead Harvest. The famine was so severe that halflings desperate for food and water turned to cannibalism to sustain themselves. Naturally, such behavior even for survival was deemed vile and deplorable to their patron deity Avandra. The cannibals were forsaken.

Proslyetizers of The Glutton were not long in coming to the halflings and others that had fell on hard times. The continuing misery of the Dead Harvest and Avandra's abandonment made the people vulnerable to conversion. By the end of the five year blight, 30% of Hangath's populace were followers of The Glutton.

Today, the area's halflings continue the practice of cannibalism, consuming the recently killed from combat - yet not those that die of natural causes since they consider the corpse defiled. Since the Dead Harvest, most of the area's halflings have converted to The Glutton; the tribes collectively known as the Children of the Glutton.

Two future Nature Protectorates, Oakenbeard and Springflower, take credit for ending the blight of the Dead Harvest. They pooled their druidic magic and rejuvenated the forest over the next two decades. In the beginning, they were battled by the Blighters and Fograth forces. This ended when the druid's hired Realm Stalkers which tracked down the leading figures that caused the blight and terminated them.