Free Tooth

Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesBaphomet, Kezgihr
Founded18 Artifice 1464
FounderThe Savior

Free Tooth is built along the river Ilarorn. The waters of this river are deep enough to allow sailing ships to port in the city.

Free Tooth was settled by Gass-du-lac and others of a ship named the Weretopia. Gass-du-lac ruled a mixed group of lycanthropes for a little over a hundred years. She came to be known to them as The Savior. Using charisma over force, she was able to keep wererats, werebadgers, werebears, and some werewolves together in relative harmony. Her intent was to build-up the population and then allow them to decide what they wanted to do as far as living together or making for the wilds.

In 1584, Gass-du-lac Dras'ee died when she drank poison. A passage of her suicide note said the following:

I must leave this realm for my plan to reach fruition. My kindred souls are too dependent on my leadership. They are strong now, the population has grown a hundred fold since we founded Free Tooth. My passing will force them to make a choice, stay bottled up in the city and fight for rule or flee into the frontiers and establish their own colonies along racial lines. I hope it is the latter, we are all too different to live as one in this city. Some have already left, there are several hundred werebadgers at Turnîrâth and werewolf packs from free and wild along the Murk.

- The Savior, excerpt from suicide note

When Gass-du-lac died, the were-creatures turned to bickering, feuding, and fighting over the city. This civil war came to be known as the Shifter Separation. The wiser and more peaceful sought to follow the last words of The Savior and depart for the wilds. Only the wererats remained in the city.

The wererats were not content to just live peacefully at Free Tooth. They quickly ramped up their military and started raiding the werebadger settlements of Turnîrâth and the lands of the Talaxan. In 1587, they were officially at war with the Talaxans of Phara-Bal.