Pipe Home


The isles of Pipe Home are southeast of Izagunbar and east of the Titans Foot Bath. When the Salzârrâk is ebbing out, the area's largest island becomes linked with the mainland, a land bridge to the lands of Weretopia and Dechôz.

The Teeth of Aerdresh is along its eastern coasts. This long reef, more than anything else, is the region's greatest defense. It has broke up numerous invasions by sea and continues to deter imperialists from subduing the land's independent city-states.

Pipe Home is a region predominately inhabited by Nermaneans, Forstneblin, and the Kriavfahliil. The denizens of Pipe Home have a long and peaceful history with no aggressive wars or conflicts to speak of.

The halflings of Pipe Home are industrious, strong in business acumen, peaceful, fun loving, and enjoy a good pipe and extended periods of relaxation. The Forstneblin are brotherly to the halflings. They trade in wood products and craft exquisite wood products. The region's Kriavfahliil favor the arts and sciences. They have produced a number of masters in astronomy, medicine, chemistry, and the arts.

In the Year 1332, the wreckage of a ship was washed ashore near the City of Light Houses. It held a crew of putrefying humanoid corpses.

Salvagers carried the cargo of the derelict craft to coastal villages then to onward to the bigger holds. This was the beginning of the Wrath of Aerdresh, a virulent plague that reduced the region's population by half.

The Nermaneans of Pipe Home were the first to cultivate tobacco on a large scale. In 1703, export of this product began with the signing of trade agreements with Ivory Asylum. The region's Nermaneans, known for being shrewd businessmen, also established the first national trade center, the Mercantile Exchange.

Cities of Pipe Home
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