Scartaris Pormintal

RegionHells Womb
Diiv Kiir5%
Founded19 Saunas 685

Scartaris was founded by the Scar tribe of hobgoblins from Vrak-Tror. The strategic location of this city has resulted in its changing owners many times. In the reign of Kal-Oni, the city was renamed Pormintal.

By 1140, the city had become a haven for necromancers, brigands, and was ruled by Tîra-Phâth. Bandits camped openly outside the city and would make frequent raids into Gwaeldior. Celebriän spies learned that the city's rulers were working on a military alliance with Ag Envok. In 1150, a Celebriän army sacked the city and drove the entire population out. They then razed the place and put powerful warding spells on it (Wolfin Spirits ward).

The ruins were not reoccupied until Paradomea came to power. In 1390, a non-aggression treaty was signed between Paradomea and Celebriän. The elves removed the Wolfin Spirits ward and people from the small settlements around it began inhabiting the city. Also, as part of the treaty it was declared an independent city-state. The Tîra-Phâth took advantage of this, returning and once again setting up shop. They quickly became an influential group in the city. Over a period of two hundred years, they were responsible for the rise of three Diiv Kiir houses, the Blackclaws, Redtails, and the Greenfangs.

In 1467, the Black Tide captured what was then a city-state. Those that surrendered were conscripted into the armies of the Black Tide, those that died were raised as undead soldiers.

In the Artery War (1546 - 1554), after nearly a century of occupation, Scartaris was liberated. This time, Paradomea was much more powerful, so they took the liberated city as one of their holdings.

Scartaris is sited on the northern shores of Girâmar. It is home to Tragarans, Diiv Kiir, hobgoblins, half-elves, Nermaneans, and dwarves. The latter ancestors of Iburakthal.

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