Jara Khan

TypeBrucrumus history

Jara Khan is a term used for a powerful Jara leader. They get this by taking out the leaders of other bands, merging them into one. After the third successful victory, they become known as Jara Khan, leader of a Jara Horde.

It is customary for Jara to entomb their fallen khans in very large barrows. Many of these Jara Khan Tombs are hidden among Arinthil's hills. One of the most notable of these, mainly for what was found there, is the Mound of Bone Pounder.

Notable Jara Khans
NameHorde Name
Bone PounderBloodletters
GorumGorum Horde
Steel MongerHorde of Steel Monger
MongorButchers of Mongor
RampagerRampager Horde
TamorocHorde of Tamoroc
Pig Tramplers
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