Ink Sphere Tiwa'erras Core

core of Tiwa'erra
AliasTiwa'erras Core

According to records stolen from an Einglach archive, in the month of Saunas, Year 1020, an inky black object, glowing green and trailing a stream of emerald fire, crashed into the Vale of Bathmulg. Those of the vale were the only to seen all of this, those beyond the valley's walls were blind to what fell through the clouds. They felt tremors and experienced some earthquakes, concluding that it was nothing more than the machinations of Geb, the primordial-god having a fit or in the deeps, waging battle against the fiery legions of Surtur. Centuries later, agents of a Nature Protectorate stole records from an Einglach vault. They said that the Inky Sphere hit under a controlled impact, and that it remained on the surface for 21 days, slowly sinking downward into subterranean sector Kirgoyle. They said the "Ink Sphere" was a boon to vegetation, but problematic to sentients.

A Svirfneblin legend confirms this by saying the Ink Sphere fell through the roof, landing in a dry and barren cavern. But within months, the vast cavern sprung to life, with massive mushrooms, fungal stalks, and other fungal life forms spreading outward from the Ink Sphere. In several years, the entire cavern was covered with vegetation, decades later, the fungal forest had expanded outward in all directions for ten miles.

In time, Svirfneblin, Drow, and the Mîmêk built fabulous cities in the area. Rivers were diverted and channeled into the mammoth cavern. As the centuries passed, the races waged war over this fertile real estate. The more sinister aspect of the area was soon noticed in the people. Suffering hideous mutations, the area's Svirfneblin fled the perceived curse. The Drow and Mîmêk stuck around. They saw the mutations as a blessing of their gods. After several generations, they were completely mutated, becoming aberrations and monstrosities.

Today, the vast cavern that houses this Ink Sphere is home to creatures called the Broken Ones, those mutated. There are also crystalline trolls, ropers, and intellect devourers, creatures that seem immune to the Sphere's mutating effects.

The Ink Sphere, 1,100' in diameter, radiates a green glow that is a boon to vegetation. It greatly increases the growth rate of fungal plants. The subterranean forest around the Ink Sphere, the Sphere Fungal, is a product of these nourishing emanations.

In the early 1800's a team explored the area of the Ink Sphere. One of the members of this team, Kavdas Urkuzir, studied the Ink Sphere for almost two years. He learned that it was once the core of Ptah's sky citadel Tiwa'erra. When Ptah destroyed this bastion, it showered the realm with Shards of Tiwa'erra and Tiwa'erra's core was cast off into the Void. Inside it was Ptah. For a long time, it was thought he was lost to the war effort, killed in Tiwa'erra's implosion.

He kept his sanity during the passage through the Void by entering into a deep psionic trance. Coming two centuries later, he in all likelihood became a higher being for some realm's people.

"You mean deity?" queried an attendee.

If you belief in such things, then yes you can call it a deity or god, but I'll stick with higher being.

- Kavdas, excerpt from his speech at the Paradomea Debates

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