Creation22 Bloom 9024 GE
NativeBal-Kriav, Ghífthauk, Osâchar

In the God Era, the illithids on the moon Ráglauth were in possession of an entombed primordial named Axinite. He was still living, serving Penumbra's illithids as a massive store of psychic energy. In Penumbra's bowels, the illithids used Axinite's energy to fabricate magic items of psionic nature. Similar to how psionic energy was drained from Axinite's body, which he welcomed, the illithids went a step further. They siphoned off a part of his life energy, creating the Dromite race. In so doing, Axinite planted his own seed of retribution in these creations. He fortified their minds with a hive mentality, making them immune to certain psychic viruses (c.f. Psychic Storm), and when working together, able to resist mental control.

Dromites are spread across a number of worlds. They are concentrated on the world Ghífthauk. In the Incarsabec Rebellion, the Suellk empire was nearly brought down by a slave uprising that spread from Incarsabec to Ghífthauk's two nearby moons. Incarsabec became the center of a psychic storm that even today still ravages the planet. Thanks to Axinite, their hive mind physiology is credited with saving most of them. Those in two cells or too far from others to link up, suffered the psychic burn and inevitable death that came with a storm spreading psychic viruses to any sentient it touched.

There numbers are smallest on Osâchar. In the Horgon Era, this world's Dromite civilization fell to the Durkoth. When their new masters faced their own extinction-level event, a Suellk Invasion , several thousand of their best were selected for boarding the Spire of Rioch-Tetrax. When the four Helas Vessels departed Osâchar, approximately 12,000 dromite slaves were taken on the long voyage to Bal-Kriav. On this world, Rioch-Tetrax's spire landed in the southern reaches of the Troll Bogs. Under Rioch-Tetrax, the order of hierarchy was his kind, the Durkoth, then the Laupha, then the Dromites.

In the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the Durkoth abandoned their charges, departing the surface for the seas. The Laupha had no interest in continuing their ignoble tasks as overseers, leaving Bal-Kriav's Dromites to the fates. At Nagdúrzol, and settlements on the surface, their lack of medical skills and priests resulted in disease, always rife in the Troll Bogs, taking a heavy toll on the population. Stubborn for decades, they finally took to religion. By this time, half the population had moved on, with many joining ships for faraway lands, or adding their numbers to the pirate enclaves dotting the Buccaneer Archipelago. One of the most important of these, an incubator settlement, is Zerot.

Racial Traits
Racial as Dromite