Tendrils Tendrils of Taurquion

RegionClans, High Wood Country, Tribe Steppes
AliasTendrils of Taurquion
MapTendrils Forest

The Tendrils of Taurquion, or Tendrils, are the leading woodlands spreading outward from the Taurquion Forest. They are believed to be sentient plants under some sort of influence from the Pyramid of Nature, the front-line of the forest's accelerated expansion. Thick foliage, vines, and predatory plants surround the growth of younger trees. The cultists of Cheldremn are responsible for the continuing expansion of the Tendrils of Taurquion.

They are of the belief that wild nature, with beasts and verdant expansive woodlands are what the angels of the Dawn Era wanted for this world. This is true for only one of the angels of that Era, and that was Silvanus. The Cheldremn are Silvanus revivalists and advocates of the Principle of Unfettered Nature.

- Eclipse - "Cult of Cheldremn"

The spread of the Tendrils is a precursor for future contact with the Angrods, their allies, and other fey creatures. These sylvan creatures use the Tendrils as launching pads for attacks on hostile neighbors, or to punish (c.f. Year 1335) those seeking to halt the "natural" expansion of the Taurquion. The Tendrils have spread into all surrounding regions bordering the High Wood Country.

The Tendrils produce dangerous side-effects when they are aggressively manipulated by those controlling the Pyramid of Nature. Creatures like orcworts, red sundew, twig blights, and ghosts of those killed are some of the side effects. In the High Down War (1285 - 1304), numerous slain drow were infested with spores and unusual plant-growths. This caused the corpses to animate and turn on their former allies. The drow of Menortamon say that the High Down War was won by these spore animated abominations.

A tendrils expansion into the area is often called by the area it is overtaking, examples being the Iruk Tendril of the Iruk Valley, the Atharag Tendril of Atharag, and so on.