Area5,700 sq miles

Orondir is a very large swamp beginning at the hills of Ânul and stretching south to Karbel. The Dargirth river flows through the swamp. The river's annual flooding, the Ice Cap Melt, probably created this swamp.

Orondir is home to tens of thousands of bullywug. A people originally from Nalêth. They have been a persistent threat to the peoples of central Cinazan since the Horgon Era. Herfarel's glyph-stones that say the bullywug fought for hundreds of years against the Graagvrii of southern Orondir. In the last third of the Horgon Era, the bullywug had either wiped out or driven out all of the Graagvrii. Thereafter, they turned their attention to the elves of Herfarel. Because of bullywug warmongering, the Kriavian Elves of this area were forced out.

In the early part of the Second Epoch, the Khazarkar Empire were pushing westward. They slaughtered the bullywug in the thousands and were about to drive them out of the swamp. In the Year 1202, the Orondir Treaty was forged between the bullywug and the Khazarkar Empire. This arrangement provided that the bullywugs must restrain their raiding and provide a defensive buffer against the giant threat from Izen'nâth. This treaty holds to this day, though periodically, the Batthurâk must be sent in to send a message. The bullywug are paid to guard and maintain that part of the Bazrâ road that passes through Orondir.

Some of the waters of this swamp drain into Faeglor. One such area where this happens is an Underdark river called Favánë.

Notable Areas