Orondir - Melvad

Orondir is a very large swamp beginning at the foothills of Ânul and south to the crystalline spires of Karbel. The Dargirth river flows through this area, its annual flooding, the Ice Cap Melt, turning the entire area into a shallow lake.

Orondir is home Bullywug in the tens of thousands. Driven from the desertification of Nalêth in the Horgon Era, they have been a constant threat for the peoples of Melvad. The glyph-stones found at Herfarel, say the bullywug fought for hundreds of years against the Graagvrii of southern Orondir. In the last third of the Horgon Era, the Bullywug reigned supreme, turning their attention to the riches of Herfarel.

In the early part of the Second Epoch, pushing westward across the Cinazan region, the Khazarkar Empire slaughtered the bullywug in the thousands. In 1202, the Orondir Treaty was forged between the bullywug tribes and the Khazarkar Empire. The tribes of Orondir were to serve as a defensive buffer against the hostiles of Izen'nâth and the giants of Ânul.

Notable Areas