Mulun-Dûna, looking out to Izen'nâth
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded14 Dreamer 81 HE

Mulun-Dûna is a Svirfneblin settlement that begins in a deep canyon of Izen'nâth. It is shadowy place that only sees traces of sunlight. Mulun-Dûna is an ancient settlement dating to the early part of the Horgon Era. It was founded by settlers out of the ancient empire Isan-Kun. Over its long and rich history, Mulun-Dûna has at one time or another been a holding of a foreign empire. For a time in the Horgon Era, it fell under the watch of the storm giants of Aslauthroa. For a time in the First Epoch, it was a vassal state of the Zandûl-Khâl.

In the middle of the Second Epoch, the city was at its peak, having over 50,000 people of many races. The city's majority has always been Svirfneblin with the free-thinking liberals of the city welcoming other peoples. After the Onyx Enmity War (915 - 920), many drow and Mîmêk refugees were taken in.

Mulun-Dûna surface entrance begins in the shadowy recesses of Rânnîrgûk. This rift is one of many such rifts and canyons in Izen'nâth. Rânnîrgûk is about eight miles long. In the last one mile of this rift are the buildings, farms, walls and towers of the surface entrance to Mulun-Dûna. In the upper reaches of the town, close to where it freely breathes the fresh air of the outside world are goat and pig farms. Where Rânnîrgûk enters the outer walls of Izen'nâth, a massive Underdark canyon begins. This shadowy and dark area stretches for five miles into the bowels of Faeglor. Mulun-Dûna is spread across four miles of this area. Numerous bridges span the canyon's upper levels. The floor of the canyon holds hundreds of smaller bridges spanning a narrow river that descends into the deeps.

Mulun-Dûna is on the western border of two rival empires. Mulun-Dûna usually sides with the people of Runelderil over those of Zandûl-Khâl. This comes from a long history of subjugationg, 47 years, with the Mîmêk of Zandûl-Khâl forcing and brainwashing their citizens into battling Runelderil's drow. Stories are still told of this occupation, a brutal period noted into the city's great monuments of liberation and heroes of the rebellion.

The Church of Geb is very strong here at Mulun-Dûna. The towns sees a lot of surface travelers because of the supposed birthplace of Geb taking place in Izen'nâth. Geb worshipers view Izen'nâth, and especially Kernsking Koils, as holy land.

The Sûrag road enters Mulun-Dûna from the southeast. This road connects the town with Gholompotl and to the markets of the surface city Nirzanâth.

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