Runax Chenkhar

FormedYear 1241

Runax Chenkhar is the government of the city-state Shiz-Abscis. It is headed by a leader with the title Azimuthal Potentate. This individual is the head of a family which runs the city for five years, after which their is another contest to see who will lead next.

Every five years, the government goes through a period of turmoil. This comes about from a contest among the families as they jockey for supremacy. The next ruling family of the city is determined by a engineering contest with the one that produces the most beneficial public works being selected to rule for the next five years. The turmoil comes from the contestants actively wrecking other's works and doing whatever they can to make sure they come out on top. It is not uncommon to have a period of internecine conflict after these successions. They ensue over who in the family will be the voice of the nation, and take the title Azimuthal Potentate. The familial conflict often comes from adopted family members, usually those brought in for a particular expertise in engineering and solely for the purpose of winning the contest and taking the government. Sometimes, like in the case of the Azimuthal Potentate Goulnax, the leader is retired by his own full blooded kindred.