Sahuld Blockade

Blockade Enforcement

The Sahuld Blockade was a containment measure put in place around Sahuld Isle. At the time, the island was the homeland of the Borillisk, a kingdom quickly being culled by a terrible disease. Proving nearly incurable and fearing for their own, the Kal-Oni navy blockaded the island so nothing could leave. Some escaped by magic, and if of means, found a priest mighty enough in faith to cure them. Most were not able to find a way off Sahuld, dying by the thousands, along with the Borillisk Empire (790 - 1131).

It is often said the Kal-Oni were too tough on the Borillisk, that many could have been saved, their actions revenge for the Hedrac Treaty, when Borillisk turned their back on fellow Tragarans suffering under the same Great Exodus (998 - 1017).