Graz'zt & Iggwilv
CategoryHigher Powers
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil
SymbolSix Finger Demon Hand
DomainDarkness, Demonic
EnemiesAperoq, Baphomet, Orcus, Vaprak
Born9 Bloom 7801 DE
Godhood26 Dreamer 1121

Graz'zt's his rise to fame came as a soldier of the Nawirrûs Covenant. A Covenant Solar, on a mission to gain intel on the happenings of the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), he fell to the lure of a succubus. Named Lilek, the first of her kind, she was the most powerful and seductive of them all. A long running affair, each mission, or escape, to the worlds of Piranoths Steps led to a meeting with this succubus. When it was learned that he was having this affair, and worse, giving away information in the heat of passion and party to evil deeds and cover-ups, he was cast out the Covenant, made a Fallen Angel (4 Witchrite 8201 DE). Graz'zt returned to the corrupted world of Savadire, joining his lover in grand schemes of domination and manipulation, every day becoming more darker in his ways. Lilek's affairs with others made Graz'zt extremely jealous, leading to revenge affairs, and him becoming a notorious womanizer.

On 19 Artifice 8355 DE, battling on the side of the demon uprising, Graz'zt became a Demon Lord. Over the next two centuries, his armies drove the primordials from Azzagrat. Sometime during this rise to power, he broke free of his long-time lover's influence.

On 3 War March 9095 GE, joining the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Graz'zt's demon legions invaded the world of Bal-Kriav. His goal was to first conquer the Karterus continent. In the Yandôr Conflict (9095 GE - 9102 GE), Graz'zt conquered the region then known as Bagwer.

In the Tha'lith Conflict (9095 GE - 9289 GE), another of the mini-wars that made up the Demon Spawn War, Graz'zt battled the Covenant armies of Silvanus and Lukoon. One of the lasting effects of this conflict was a demon unit that escaped into the wild. Named the Vauquix, they went into deep hiding, eventually going on to establish the Vareley Empire (684 LE - 2764 LE).

In 9287 GE, needing to protect his interests on Azzagrat from the armies of Orcus, Graz'zt abandoned the war on Bal-Kriav. The Tha'lith Conflict was lost two years later.

On Bal-Kriav, Graz'zt's influence and divine power gained traction under Mordkon Bluefang. Over hundreds of years, he established cults from the Aerie of Dragons to the Northern Hordelands. Some of cells worked out of brothels with succubus whispering to their lovers, the word of Graz'zt, promising wealth, success, or anything else the customer desired. These brothels turned out to be very effective, leading to shrines and temples in Suf Sungaar, Vrak-Tror, Hezvix, and other cities across middle Brucrumus. The largest gain for Graz'zt came with the Dark Prince Civil War (1818 - 1821). When the dust settled, the Toomrur Hegemony became the heart of Graz'zt worship.

Exactly five years after the Dark Prince Civil War, on 11 Brighstar 1826, Graz'zt became a Demigod.

Graz'zt is a sensual, lustful god, a heavy drinker of wine. He has a grand palace on the world Azzagrat, aptly named "The Brothel", and for as far as the eye can see are vineyards said to produce some of the best wines in all the known universe.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Ag Envok
Toomrur Hegemony
Tormoran Federation
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+1,000 hit points as Demi Power
Modulating Energy+10 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Seductionany female that attacks him, must make a Will save or refuse to attack him that round