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RegionNorthern Hordelands
MapTadab-Hal Plain

Tadab-Hal is a flat plain bordered on the south by the forest of Kuli-Cir and 350 miles north by the hungry tendrils of Taurquion. Going west, the plain is hemmed in by evergreens of Kuli-Cir and the blasted wastes of Yagolorn. Tadab-Hal's eastern edge is the river Hound Wash, the howling peaks of the Canines and the river Anassúmë.

Garormuk claims this plain as part of their sovereign territory with ownership dated to the time of the Drugnods. When the Theegans migrated to the Northern Hordelands they contested this claim by conquest. The Theegans and Zyrath's western gnolls frequently skirmish over the area. Since the area is far from the Witch Horde's and Garormuk's center of power, only a few wars have resulted over controlling Tadab-Hal's vast area.

Tadab-Hal is seasonally the pasture of tens of thousands of wild horses. They come here in the fall and winter and move northwest into Arnandab in cooler periods. The horses, along with many other herd animals are a source of domestication for the Theegans and food for gnolls and other predators of the Northern Hordelands.

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