Sorfandien War

Period1008 - 1016
TheaterGulimbor, Ma'Ohari, Necrocrypt
First Khazarkar Empire VS
Cal-Thaoun Dynasty
Ivory Asylum

The Sorfandien War, the last of the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), was started by the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. It was a preemptive attack on the warmongering First Khazarkar Empire. They figured that it was only a matter of time till the soldiers of the Conclave invaded the rest of Sorfandien. At the time, this war was also needed to take the publics attention away from Cal-Thaoun's exhausted economy. The sour state of the economy with its high inflation and great refugee influx was the result of the Hedrac War and the Moredhel War. In these conflicts, the refugees of Borillisk, Melephaeusa and the Niratar Theocracy flooded north into Cal-Thaoun's land where they seriously burdened Cal-Thaoun's economy. During this time, the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203) was also going on which was forcing many to abandon the continent altogether. In most cases, these people had to be taken by ship for practically nothing since many were destitute from the wars.

Cal-Thaoun had a larger and stronger navy than the Khazarkars, so they used this advantage to control the seas. In 1010, the Cal-Thaoun navy along with marines captured half of Mannakhôr. Over the next year a series of battles was fought to take back the port. Even after they secured the place, the Khazarkars remained hemmed in by the Ca-Thaoun navy and their Ivory Asylum allies. For the remainder of the war, Pharmûn Bay was patrolled, allowing safe passage for the many refugees ships of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017).