Built5 Saunas 8983 GE

In southwestern Mirtheon are the mithril-rich spires of Bileddanul. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), these highlands were a major source of mithril feeding the Covenant war-machine. The area's resources were under the watch of then archangel Naraz-Nâru. The mithril, gemstones, and other ores that came out of these peaks were destined for the war effort. They were sent along rails that joined one central line nicknamed the Glittering Serpent. It was named thus for in the gorges, canyons and steep areas, there were the remnants of mithril carts that had toppled over the edges with their precious cargo. The Glittering Serpent snaked down treacherous peaks to a large forge works named Izanargam. In the God Era, it was a foundry supporting Covenant soldiers battling Demogorgon's invasion of Hells Womb. Izanargam started as a depot for raw materials, growing to a vast forge works surrounded by sprawling workshops and living areas. There finished goods were sent to the river ports, then down the Foronir river to Covenant bases close to the front.

After Covenant forces defeated the demons, Izanargam's workers and soldiers, mostly Turkûn, were left to make it on their own. Many of them stayed at Izanargam. By war's end, it had grown to 20,000 souls. The mines in the surrounding mountains continued to be worked, with settlements growing up around them.

Izanargam, supplied Bileddanul's famed farming terraces, along with a fortified port, made it one of the more important city-states of the entire region. It became a holding of the various Turkûn kingdoms, the last being the Gimhak Monarchy (1306 HE - 1503).

In 1503, Izanargam fell to the Orchish Empire, ending the Gimhak War (1475 - 1503) and the 2,200 year reign of Gimhak.

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