RegionDhark Bolg, Ma'Ohari, Aerie of Dragons
GovernmentVinjof Sillodis
CapitalOrias Vual
Fire Giant5%
Alignmentlawful evil
DeitiesAperoq, Surtur
EnemiesAebilchunus, Burterinii, Engineen
Established3 War March 832
TiyaphisTha'lithHiznaar Goz

Goth-Dyvermoir was founded in 832 by the red dragon Hellbleaker. The population under his reign consisted mostly of the races it has today, except for the fire giants and the Gol'hakh. During the early years of the empire, their was much chaos and corruption. Hellbleaker invited in the clergy of Huhueteotl to help manage the empire by giving the people a strong religion. This went on for a little more than six centuries turning the empire into the heart of religious power for the god Huhueteotl.

In 1455, the god Huhueteotl was slain by the god Surtur. After Huhueteotl's death, Orias Vual and other holds of the empire were infiltrated by religious fanatics of Surtur called the Yllding-Hel. They convinced many to forsake Huhueteotl (being that he was dead this was rather easy) and turn to paying homage to Surtur.

In 1456, an army of fire giants and Gol'hakh led by the Asvard Fjoll descended upon Orias Vual. The force was so large and menacing that the keys to the city were turned over to the besiegers. The emperor of that time was Hellbleaker. This dragon emperor, founder of the empire, abdicated by fleeing underground. He took most of his huge treasure hoard and an entourage seeking to rebuild the church of Huhueteotl. They were not successful with many of the acolytes of the dead god killed or enslaved by troops of Aebilchunus, and other hungry predators of Tiyaphis, or became lost in Sephu'phis's seemingly endless lava tubes.

The Furrouth under Gorthunder ruled Goth-Dyvermoir for the next six years. After Gorthunder's untimely death in the Retribution Campaign (1462), his daughter Oni'tira, head priestess of the Vinjof Sillodis moved against the generals who tried to turn the empire into a militocracy. Oni'tira, backed by the Asvard Fjoll, replaced the dictatorship of her deceased father with a theocracy. For the next 22 years, she headed the empire along with an elder council of clerics. Rule by the church has been the government for most of the time ever since, with only a few periods of it swinging to a military dictatorship.

In 1351, ending what became known as Caralda Affair, the empire gave up all claims to Caralda and the city Illadvard.

In 1532, Goth-Dyvermoir allied with the Ag Envok in the War of Kesk Lein. Although the war ended in a stalemate, the fortress Vorthad was taken as war booty. With this bastion, they now have a toehold on the continent Brucrumus.

In the Third Epoch, the empire's merchant class became an influential group. This was largely a product of the Trelshum Syndicate, successfully pushing mercantile interests over the hawks bent on warmongering.