Gorkith is a thick evergreen forest of western Mauhúlfúr. The forest rises from the high valley floor into the Turak Mountains. In the 1300s, the forest saw frequent conflict between the native hobgoblins and the Toomrur pushing north and from the east. The Toomrur, driven by their shamans, were convinced the hobgoblins sought to plunder the sacred burial grounds of eastern Mauhúlfúr.

By 1335, the Toomrur has pushed most of the hobgoblins westward where they settled along the Dargirth river. Those that remained behind were hobgoblin witches getting their power from dark lords like Melrith and Graz'zt. For the latter, these witches were the beginnings of a campaign to degrade the Toomrur's belief in Vaprak.

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Notable Resources
  • Hardwood - Cedar, Witch Pine