Giff League

Alignmentlawful neutral, non-evil
DeitiesAtlas, Primus, Ptah
EnemiesAbhômaipeth, Arachnidion, Suellk
Established26 Temporal 845

The Giff League is a confederacy of giff states. Their economy is largely based around shipping and mercenary work for foreign empires.

The topography of their home world was a precursor for the development of skyships and floating bastions called the Spire Citadels. Jurungen, a metal found in abundance on Marragh, greatly aided giff development of these flying structures.

In 1176, researchs at the Balforn Sky Academy flew their first skyship. The engine for this ship came from Svirlido. This technology, along with void essences, allowed them to create voidships and in-turn leave their planet and explore the Void. In 1244, the Giff League became the first alien nation to establish trade with a nation on Bal-Kriav. Their first trading partner was Ivory Asylum.

The nation made contact with Deep Six in 1256. They traded their knowledge of skyships for Deep Six knowledge of gunpowder and metallurgy.

In 1290, the Giff League expanded their interplanetary trade routes to the Bal-Kriav empire Paradomea.

The Giff League has a very large battle fleet to protect their shipping interests. They produce very large transport ships, such as the giff platforms, for use in inter-planetary trade. Much of their trade is with empires on Bal-Kriav. The major trading partners of the Giff League are Deep Six, Ivory Asylum, Paradomea, and Malacost.