RegionCinazan, Tribe Steppes
Kriavian Elf70%
Alignmentchaotic good, chaotic neutral
DeitiesCorellon, Melora
EnemiesJara Khan Hordes, Neeth-Theen
Established28 Temporal 912

The Ithendelt Schism led to a split in Ithendelt. House Ithengee took over ruling and moved to secure the lands of the deposed monarchy. The losers in this civil war was House Glorfindel and her allies. They were dangerous to keep as citizens, so they were banished from the empire. They migrated to the eastern coasts of the Core Sea and established the Gilraen empire.

For the most part, the kriavian elves of this empire are a peaceful and scholarly people. They spend their time writing poetry, singing, painting and learning. They are reputed to have the top mathematicians of all Brucrumus, and close in skill level to the dao of Rilirthad. Ithengee trade their crafts and other goods to the Khazarkar Empire in exchange for spices and fruits.

Several Jara Khan Hordes have attacked the lands of the Ithengee; each being driven off or defeated by the finely crafted bows of the Ithengee, perishing from Carathlos spells, and succumbing to the song of the Maenglórfan.

Ithengee procure vast quantities of honey from the countless bee hives of Aranel Vardamir. The honey gathering trips require strong guards since the jara also harvest this honey for making healing salves. Ithengee is famous for their wines; the two most notable are Meloras Tear and Thralion.

The Ithengee have an air force composed of asperii and giant bumblebees. The asperii are flown by an elite group of elves called the Elerossë Linwëlin and the giant bees by Forstneblin auxiliaries.

Even though they are of a common heritage, Ithengee's kriavian elves despise the Gilraen. Both groups were once citizens of Ithendelt. During the Khazarkar Empire's expansion into lands east of the Core Sea, the Ithengee offered safety to their brethren dwelling in the vicinity of Eämbavië. The Gilraens were too prideful and unwilling to give up their lands and refused the offer of safe harbor. Gilraen was defeated by the Khazarkar Empire, becoming a vassal state and losing their freedom of religion. The Kingdom of Ithengee, on the western shores of the Core Sea, have long resisted Khazarkar military might and forced religious conversion to the god Set.

In the Cinazan Front, Gilraen was destroyed. Many of the survivors of that nation fled to Ithengee, while Khazarkar loyalists went west, joining the Khazarkar Empire.

The majority of the empire's halflings have ancestry tracing to Rabaranda (c.f. Moglúr) and the Nermanis Empire. When Rabaranda was overrun by the gnomes of Quellestir, the halflings fled to Ithengee. Most the city's Forstneblin trace their roots to the Quellestir Forest.

In the Year 1829, Ithengee was attacked by the Neeth-Theen. The once great city of Hareldocáno was laid to ruin in one of the first major conflicts of the Cinazan Front. The Horde of Chaos was defeated at the walls of Séregon.


The Ithengee build beautifully sculpted buildings. They mix the shale, granite, marble and other stones of their land into marvellous architecture. The effect is so stunning to outsiders, and particularly visiting dwarves, as to bring tears to the eyes of good creatures.

The two cities of the Ithengee are each unique in their build; one designed to enhance the effects of sound, another to enhance the light of the twin stars that shine overhead, and the last with endless murals, mosaics, statues, and works of art.

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