Founded17 Lunar 2631 LE

Late in the Lith-Crillion Era, Tragaran settlers came across the northern edge of Sorfandien and founded a fishing village. The first family groups that started here were all of the Thaoun tribes. These families, what would become a nobility, formed the backbone of what would become a prosperous city-state with a deep harbor dredged by sea giants, water elementals, and other aquatic help.

In the First Epoch, Sourm-Gar became the capital of the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. The city was known for its vast gardens and public parks and even had a small forest said to be home to dryads that gave council, and sometimes embarrassment, to the government. The most spectacular gardens were those built by the Kal-Oni family. These spread across terraces and up step pyramids. It is rumored the Kal-Oni worked with fey, even bowing to the lustful desires of the satyr, in exchange for powerful fey magic to improve their gardens and finding rare plants.

In the Sorfandien War, Sourm-Gar was besieged five times by the First Khazarkar Empire. The attackers never breached Sourm-Gar's great lava stone fortifications. These were walls and towers engineered by Orias Vual's fire giants. In the last siege, the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), which was going on during the aforementioned war, showed how much it had weakened the Web of Magic. Conclave web weavers, masters at stealing the Web's arcane energy, opened magical rifts in the city's walls, tearing out huge chunks and then flinging them about the battlefield like kid's toys. This was indiscriminate, killing friends and foes. The Conclave had lost control of the magic they summoned, adding another casualty to the many of the Gulimbor Cataclysm. The entire area for miles around was soon ground zero for a magical storm flashing with balls of fire. In the end, both defenders and attackers were forced to abandon the area. In 1016, the last of Cal-Thaous's people were ferried north to Hells Womb where they became citizens of the newly founded Kal-Oni Empire.

Today, the ruins of Sourm-Gar are little more than piles of boulders. Only fragments of the mighty lava stone walls still stand. The sewers of the city and the Underdark realm beneath the city which held a large mining pit are still intact. Nobody has been here in a long time, so what may lie beneath Sourm-Gar is anyone's guess.

Civilization Tree
Cal-Thaoun Dynasty