Hall of Hades

Hall of Hades
BuiltDawn Era

Built in the Dawn Era, the Hall of Hades is a place of ancient crypts. In the Dawn Era, this place became the resting place of Covenant soldiers of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). As the war progressed, the work of managing this area was put under a Covenant hero named Hades. He fortified it with powerful magic, expanding and securing it with the aid of several dozen earth elementals . These elementals, ex-primordial minions, opposed the Primordial goal of undoing Creation. They helped build out the tombs and mausoleums of what became known as the Hall of Hades.

The Hall of Hades is truly monolithic, with a uniform canal flanked by innumerable resting places of the dead. This goes on for twenty miles, ending in the southeast at a wall of churning gray clouds, the Gloom Wall, a bridge between Bal-Kriav and the Gray Wastes. The canal is the Ghost River to the Ebonmurk. It passes great vaulted passages and their hundred vaults. Aptly named, the area is haunted by apparitions, spirits, restless souls, groaning spirits, and your ghosts.

The Gloom Wall may be one-way for most, but the spirits that have crossed over from this realm can sometimes come back from the Gray Wastes. Hapless souls, they have an attachment to their old lives, refusing to yield to the glory of Hades' domain.

- Hlaventad, of the Caretakers - "The Lost Souls"

The Hall of Hades are defended by a sect of Hades followers called the Caretakers. These priests move freely among the spirits and ghosts that haunt the area. This is a boon from Hades and something gained by any devout worshiper of that god as soon as they set foot in the area. The Caretakers also maintain the place, training new priests and sending them out into the world as proselytizers.

For a fee, the Halls of Hades can be used to store the bodies of those restricted from resurrecting, or to be brought back at a later time. Getting bodies into the place is easy, getting them out for resurrection is not. Generally, the Church of Hades is against resurrection, but if enough of an offering is made, exceptions have been made. Truly remarkable individuals are the hardest to get out of the Hall of Hades, with deals between Higher Powers the most common reason.

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