RegionLands of Purity, Troll Bogs
GovernmentFanged Court
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesKrak-Oth, Rioch-Tetrax
EnemiesMalacost, Divine Empire
Established16 Bliss 1072

In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), Tragarans from Gulimbor began coming to the southern coasts of the Lands of Purity. By 1067, the growing might of the Farinteen Empire was posing a serious threat to the peoples of Sinarag. Fighting the enemy as individual tribes or motley groups would ultimately lead to their downfall unless they became united. A cunning naga named Ning'izzi worked to break the tribes and bring them under her wing. The leaders of the many evil groups dwelling in the area's wetlands were convinced to end their bickering and in-fighting. After five years, Ning'izzi got them to come together and form a confederacy. The Ningizzida empire was established in 1072 with Ning'izzi having near dictator-like powers. Since that time, the fortunes of the empire have risen and fallen many times. The problems of holding the confederacy together come about from the death of some groups leader, political intrigue, or just because of the evil disposition of the empire's people. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), they came together as one and kept the undead hordes from making any headway into Sinarag. The leader who united the groups once again was a risen Ning'izzi. She was raised from the dead as a slaughter wight by a group of shamans who had to sacrifice their very souls to Rioch-Tetrax. She remained an undead for six years, uniting her people as one fighting force, leading them against the Black Tide, and driving them back. After this was done, she was called back to the domain of Rioch-Tetrax.

Ningizzida is an evil empire spreading across the wetlands of Sinarag and the Troll Bogs. The rabble of chaotic creatures of this land is loosely organized under the rule of a tyrannical, and self-proclaimed empress named Isheba. The evil empire of Isheba is a confederacy representing the trolls, Viidostor, Graagvrii, yuan-ti, and the Lorhazi. These races are represented by smaller empires located in the Troll Bogs. Among the populations of these empires can be found all manner of evil creatures and monsters.

The hordes of Ningizzida are enemies of Malacost and the Divine Empire. They are content with raiding, murdering, and enslaving, rather than territorial aggrandizement.

Isheba, head of the Ningizzida, and her minions are a menace to the goodly empires of the Lands of Purity. The swamps prevent any major military expedition against the holdings of this evil empire. Malacost and the Divine Empire have erected a ring of strongholds and maintain heavy patrols of the borders of this dismal morass. These efforts keep the depredations of the snake lovers in a more or less manageable state.

Two powerful disease-spreading cults are protected, if not sponsored by the Ningizzida. These cults are Sanagar-Umlâs and Borurthane.

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