CategoryHigher Powers
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Symboltwo bloody horns
EnemiesGraz'zt, Yeenoghu
Godhood3 Kindle 1030

Baphomet is home to a Abyssal world named Mellix. His empire's capital city, "the world capital", is Lyktion.

Baphomet is a towering figure, 18' tall with an over-sized minotaur head, and a humanoid body of knotted demon flesh and sinew. His horns are curved downward and outward, turning red like iron in a forge and steaming when he grows angry. He has patches of wiry, coarse hair that can shred leather like a red-hot knife going through butter. Perhaps his most feared weapon is a massive bardiche, its spearhead made of pure warp matter.

In the Demon Spawn War he fought in a number of Bal-Kriav's regions. When he got his armies to Bal-Kriav, he was able to move them about by use of a primordial relic called the Shift Tome. In one use of the tome, he moved troops from Sirketh to Cinazan where they built the fortress Kodgroar and would plant the seeds for the birth of demon-blooded fire giants called the Botaff. In the Aettein sector of Ice Cap, his soldiers battled those under angel general Niruš.

In the Demon Spawn War, the heaviest of Baphomet's fighting occurred in the the deep jungles of Sirketh. In this region, he waged a bloody, genocidal war against Talisid and the Five Companions. In Sirketh, Baphomet was served by his abyssal armies and mortal minions, like the minotaurs he created in the grisly labs of Tixargium. His forces were opposed by gorantin, and celestials like owl, sword, throne and warden archons.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Free ToothBotaff
GangvoriRat Swarm
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+500 hit points as Cult Power
Modulating Energy+5 modulating energy damage for all attacks