Built18 Brightstar 1300

In 1300, Rúmil finished construction on their Glashynal sky fortress. This imposing bastion rests on a massive, moored earth mote hovering over the Hertenya Depression. This fortress in the sky guards this great depression and the surrounding Rúmil settlements. As a product of the Kriavian Elves, rather than wood elves, Glashynal is built grand yet graceful, and freely uses stone and manufactured ornaments as opposed to blending into the natural settings.

The main purpose of Glashynal is defending the northern pass out of Hertenya. Dozens of times in the past, the dwarves of Narbuzad have tunneled into the canyon and used it for attacks on elven interests or to undertake illegal mining, and slaving which the main adversaries of the conflict don't condone.

Glashynal has a garrison of roughly 500 Kriavian Elves, several silver dragons, dozens of giant eagles, and a family of cloud giants. Storm giants are frequent visitors to this place. They served alongside the Rúmil in the First Gwaellurth War.

Assignment to Glashynal is a by special selection, with only crack candidates picked from the cream of Rúmil's armed forces. After passing a rigorous test, they become one of the famed Guardians of Glashynal.