Gúluzgash - Inirthak
OwnerCouncil of Bile
Founded19 Temporal 1047

In 1046, orc legions under an ancient warlord entered Grashakh by way of the Sorrow Pass. This leader was a Lith-Crillion named Blac'drugulois, one that had united the orc tribes early in the Arduous March (1041 - 1096). He was a storied figure even before he came to them, destined to become their Emperor for hundreds of years. On 19 Temporal 1047, Blac'drugulois's orcs founded Gúluzgash. This name, a conjunction of two Orc words meaning blood and honor is considered the beginnings of the High Orc language.

Gúluzgash lies inside Typhalumus, a dead volcano. It was the first permanent settlement founded by those following Blac'drugulois in the Arduous March. Over the next two centuries, it grew from stockade to mighty citadel It became the southern gateway to the Orchish Empire, a commercial stop for traffic going north and west along the Sorrow Road into the Lands of Purity.

By the Third Epoch, Gúluzgash had a population of a quarter million people. This was largely a Githirmil population; a term for the distinct orcs of the Grashakh region. In 1832, the Grashahk Front left the city in the hands of the Council of Bile. General Kelethi, daughter of Monty the Mad, and former commander of the city, perished in the siege.

Gúluzgash has roosts for the city's air cover. These can hold up to 90 flying mounts. Under the Council of Bile, they have no less than thirty wyverns and several blue dragons.

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