Rumaktharga Beserker
RegionHigh Wood Country, Menortamon
Ownerindependent city-state
Earth Giant5%
DeityDanzar-Khâl, Naraz-Nâru
Founded26 Lunar 841

Rumaktharga was founded in 841 by the Fargimdal kingdom. Between 920 and 1120, the creeping, seemingly sentient, sprawling mass of Taurquion slowly separated the of lands of Rumaktharga from the rest of Fargimdal. Initially, the dwarves burned down the vegetation and hacked down the timbers, maintaining vital supply lines and military routes between the kingdom and this remote eastern city. Taurquion's Tendrils held their course and the dwarves gave up the futile effort of deforestation. Rúmil attacks were also growing in strength as the forest expanded southward, ultimately resulting in a dwarven island (the Kizan valley) in the midst of elven dominated lands. In 1128, Fargimdal could no longer effectively protect and manage the city, so they let the dwarves cede, whereby they became an independent city-state.

Today, the dwarves frequently carry-out guerrilla and suicide attacks on the elven holdings around Kizan. The elves have been unable to conquer the tough dwarves of this city-state. Military strategist give two main reasons for this, the first is the remote location in a rugged valley with many walls and forts.

Rumaktharga is in a valley surrounded by high jagged mountains with narrow valleys providing nearly impregnable positions of defense. The cost of an assault on this area has always been high.

- Vorendil, Rúmil general, from a military document of the First Kizan War - "Kizan Fortifications"

The second reason is the Brother Tunnels. These underground tunnels cross miles of elven lands, beneath the Khizan Tendril of the great forest Taurquion, and under the rugged terrain that separates Rumaktharga from their brothers in the Clans. The tunnels have several railroads, built by the Fargimdal. The Kizan Line railroad provides fast movement of troops and supplies to the besieged dwarves of Rumaktharga.

Because of their permanent state of war with the Angrods, Rumaktharga has become the training ground and go-to place for getting combat experience. It is also a haven for numerous mercenary companies, arms merchants, and the bad elements that come with all that activity, thieves guilds, assassins guilds, and other less reputable groups. The city's earth giants come from the nearby Hambrimoth Hills. These giants serve as crafters, elite guards, and heavy labor where they are paid well for their services.

Rumaktharga is an enormous bastion near the heart of Kizan. Its location in the lands of the elves has led to the building of nearly impregnable walls and multi-tiered towers bristling with Bearded Belly mortars and other siege engines. Underneath the city are the Brother Tunnels, these underground passages lead to dwarven controlled areas in the Gakhs.

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